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  1. DamageIncVacc

    Christian Kirk: Worth holding on to?

    Yes i wanted to drop Kirk but have not yet based on fear my opponent playoffs will play him agsinst me but last weeks performance assured me to drop. He goes off this week oh well.
  2. DamageIncVacc

    Christian Kirk: Worth holding on to?

    Im dropping him so i don't feel pressured from the rankings to start him. Hes been average most of the year. Barley breaking double digits. Lots of WW guys with better upside like washington , anderson, gage etc. Better matchups .
  3. DamageIncVacc

    ++ Update: Tyreek in trouble - No Suspension ++

    While there may be no video I would think if we get to see a photo of the kids arm in a cast or an Xray of the broken arm etc (if Hill did it) it would be as powerful as a video and he would be gone. Again IF he did it.
  4. DamageIncVacc

    TE wasteland? Remember this name

    Rookie TE's rarely do much . and Ravens do a TE by committee and the other rookie they have is playing well enough. but yes worth a speculative add .
  5. DamageIncVacc

    Josh Gordon returns to Browns

    Late round, hes going in the 5th round in most mocks. and started creeping into the 4th since he returned.
  6. DamageIncVacc

    Anyone else benching Nuk

    I agree, you bench Hopkins and you lose cause he went off it will be awful all offseason. BUT you lose cause you played the #2 WR in football you will feel like you gave it your all.
  7. DamageIncVacc

    Rodgers declares he's medically cleared to return

    Dang thats too many options .too many great options.
  8. DamageIncVacc

    Rivers. Out of his mind right now

    I am starting Rivers over Rodgers . Normally would not but Rivers has been on fiire and got me to the Semis. But having to choose between Rodgers and Rivers is a nice problem.
  9. DamageIncVacc

    Rodgers declares he's medically cleared to return

    There are only a few you start over Rodgers. Ben, Wilson, Rivers and Cam (Wentz would have been on that list) . Other then those guys Rodgers is a start. I have Rivers so will keep riding him but if I did not I would start Rodgers.
  10. DamageIncVacc

    Rivers. Out of his mind right now

    Not sure there is a QB i would start over him minus wilson , ben . Been incredible since the bye.
  11. DamageIncVacc

    Bucs announce Peyton Barber as starting RB

    Updating an earlier report, Doug Martin (concussion) was a full participant at Wednesday's practice. That makes Martin's return imminent. He should be back to face the Lions in Week 14, though it's unclear if he'll start or work behind Peyton Barber, who broke out for a career-best 143 yards from scrimmage last week at Green Bay. Martin has had a disappointing year, ranking last among qualified rushers in yards per carry (3.2).
  12. DamageIncVacc

    Mixon and Hunt will be the 2 best RB's next year

    See I would be hoping he doesnt get 25 carries. Spiler was the man when he was in the Kamara role. They made him the starter the next year and it ruined him. Guy like Kamara is better with 15-20 touches tops. he does more with those then guys getting 20-30.
  13. DamageIncVacc

    Mixon and Hunt will be the 2 best RB's next year

    I beleive both will be top 10 but have talked to alot of people who feel Kamara is the #3 back next year after Bell and D Johnson barring injury or major progression before the end of the seasson. I am very hesitant to ever sya that about any player. Just think of CJ Spiller who was Kamara that yer., Went top 5 pick ( I picked him #5) and he was a bust the next yer. Lee Evans grabbed him after his special year (2006) and was a bust. Je\remy Langford ring a bell . But forgetting that Kamara is the man next year.
  14. DamageIncVacc

    D.J. Foster

    Kerwynn Williams is expected to start if Adrian Peterson (questionable, neck) doesn't play in Week 13 against the Rams. This conflicts with comments from Bruce Arians, who named D.J. Foster for an expanded role. Williams (ribs) wasn't listed on the final injury report but has workload concerns if he starts. The Cardinals have yet to rule out Peterson and could take him to game time. Williams and Foster are looking like a committee if Peterson sits.
  15. DamageIncVacc

    One Day the Titans will simply....

    Its not Henry , its the team usage.