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  1. madscene

    ** Q&A: Importing Other Projections **

    I figured it out. If I just pulled the player names onto the sheet where I did my averaging, and then put the players in the order I wanted, and imported them back into the spreadsheet using the vlookup, it worked!
  2. madscene

    ** Q&A: Importing Other Projections **

    Actually... that didn't seem to work, fully. It got the FFP right for each player, but then ranked them wrong. i.e. I had Stephen Davis ranked 14th among RBs, in terms of the FFP I entered, but he came out as the 18th RB in the cheatsheet, even though it says right next to him that he has more FFP than the players above him. I should mention that the way I did this was to generate average FFP for each position from highest to lowest, then I actually shifted rows up and down in the compiler (i.e. if I wanted to move S. Davis up above another RB, I cut and pasted his row). Then once I had my order set, I pasted the Average FFP I calculated into the RuTD column of Site B, and set the scoring to 1pt per RuTD, and 0 for everything else... Why whouldn't that work?
  3. madscene

    ** Q&A: Importing Other Projections **

    Hey. Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks! I am totally behind on my preparation... draft is tomorrow! This will be a big help. Thanks again!
  4. madscene

    ** Q&A: Importing Other Projections **

    I don't think this has been answered... what if we want to copy in our own FFP predictions but NOT the associated stats, and then have the players ranked by that alone. I am thinking about using the AVT, so I would generate FP for 2000-2002 seasons, and then do an average calculation to get the avg FFP for each position each year. I'd then rank the positions the way I wanted, and paste in the avg FFP... know what I'm saying? I'd then want the compiler to use only my FFP projections, not based on any actual stats. Hopefully this makes sense.