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  1. jackie sherrill

    Can someone steal from your Paypal?

    Don't do it, it's a scam. They "pay", you receive an email that looks like it's from paypal saying you got your money. They're expecting you to not really go check your account. It's a fake email. Every time I sell something on craigslist I get bombarded with long distance numbers wanting me to ship to them... Just need my paypal... Let me guess, they're in military and stationed somewhere or their nephew is or they're out of the country... Mess with them, I do. But don't send your damn ring out just because you think you got the money through paypal ETA: All that is craigslist related. eBay just be sure they're verified by PayPal and the transaction qualifies for the paypal guarantee.
  2. I was sitting on the top row at the time (they have since expanded a lot), about 50 rows up, but about the same yard line as where it happened, and you could hear the hit all the way up there. Mullins never moved. It was one of the weirdest moments I've ever been a part of. It wasn't one of those plays you notice that someone is still down, but everyone else is in the huddle. From the moment the ball fell incomplete, everyone in the place could see him motionless on the field. Like you hear said some time, very eerie silence.
  3. I was at that game. Crowd was typical "ooooooohhh" for a huge hit, then silence, for a long time.
  4. jackie sherrill

    Whos the best player in the NFL?

    25th, 10th... WTF "rankings" are you talking about? Did you read anything I wrote? I made two things clear, I was talking about pure football ability and it was my mothafocking opinion... I realize it's one that's not going to be popular I also said it's hard to argue against Peyton... but, where Peyton is a much better passer than Boldin, Boldin can do it (play QB) and has done it for a legitimate - well, Florida State - team. I would be willing to bet that Boldin can run faster, catch better, run better routes, tackle better, elude tacklers better, jump higher, on and on and on... so, what makes you be the end all be all to decide that just because a guy is the best thrower in the game that he is the best overall football player?
  5. jackie sherrill

    Whos the best player in the NFL?

    Hard to argue with Peyton... but, if I'm talking about the best football player in the NFL, I've said for several years now... It's Anquan Boldin - based on pure football ability He played QB in college. He catches everything thrown anywhere near him. He's tough as freaking nails.... and he's as good and dangerous after the catch with the ball in his hand as anybody in the league. Just throwing my opinion and a different view out there.
  6. jackie sherrill

    ***Official Beer Thread***

    Anybody ever hear of Left Hand Brewing Company? I read about a beer of theirs called Milk Stout on a cigar review website here - Stogie Review one day. Very coincidentally, I went to a pretty fancy restaurant that night with work people (on the company) that actually served it. It was very, very good. Unfortunately, this is the only place I've ever been able to find it. I recommend it and really want to get some more, but that's tougher than I would have thought.
  7. jackie sherrill

    Gawd I'm so board here at work

    my best friend transferred from OU to Delta State. I'm still a huge Bulldog fan in everything, Delta State just offered a much smaller enrollment (4000), 7 to 1 girls to guys, and all my friends went there. I also have a bunch of relatives in Huntsville. I make it over there a couple times a year. This freaking Houston game for Homecoming sure doesn't look as easy as when I looked at the schedule earlier this year. Go Dogs
  8. jackie sherrill

    Gawd I'm so board here at work

    grew up an MSU fan, went to MSU freshman year in 88-89, transferred and graduated from Delta State.
  9. jackie sherrill

    Gawd I'm so board here at work

    I think they're going to for some reason. I think for one game at least they'll stop that turnover machine they've had going the last two games and put together a solid game offensively. It's going to be high scoring, but I think State pulls it out. No cell phone at all or just not one with a data plan??
  10. jackie sherrill

    Gawd I'm so board here at work

    Do you have a cellphone/smartphone with an unlimited data plan? If so, tether that f'er. That's the only option I have, but it works wonderfully.
  11. jackie sherrill

    Ultimate golf 'junkie' test...

    This is what I picture Siouxie looking like.
  12. jackie sherrill

    Ultimate golf 'junkie' test...

    watched just about all of it Saturday and Sunday. Yes, those girls can really play, and most are pretty hot. I like that they would show a players' club distances too, so now I know Michelle Wie hits her irons about 5 yards further than I do I think Christina Kim is a shrub scout, she was all up on Wie and Gulbis during some of the celebrations - not that I blame her!
  13. jackie sherrill

    If you are a woman named Allyson, and you marry

    I knew a Kelly Kelly. Stupid as a rock.
  14. jackie sherrill

    At a crummy nearby golf course....

    did you drive the green? at least try?
  15. especially in Red Banks. It's about 15 minutes south of where I live and there aren't any whities in that town. Why do I keep laughing when I read "Younger brother" - that's not real professional using slang in a death story