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  1. Texansfan

    FOCK the Colts!

    I own Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai, Donald Brown, & Pierre Garcon. The past 2 weeks it's been all no names Jacob Tamme & whoever the hell this James kid is taking all the TDs. WTF
  2. Texansfan

    Gaffney or TO?

    I'd go Gaffney. Have you seen Carson Palmer play this year? I don't care who he's playing against... Thanks for mine.
  3. Texansfan

    WR Murphy or Walter

    Murphy if he starts. Texans secondary is pathetic right now (they are literally in panic about it here)! Thanks for mine!
  4. Texansfan

    Drop Garcon or D.Brown?

    Need to drop one of these guys to add a defense for Pittsburgh's bye next week. My team: Peyton MJD, Bradshaw, Barber, R.Bush, Lynch, D.Brown Roddy, Boldin, Bowe, L.Moore, Garcon Finley Need to drop Brown or Garcon to make room. Which one is the safer drop?
  5. Texansfan

    Lance Moore - no fluke

    you'll see bro... and regarding 2009, Moore was injured and Bush was not. I'm not saying Moore is their best WR, but with the current circumstances he's going to put up very solid numbers... just wait.
  6. Texansfan

    What's the early word on AJ?

    Huge topic on the radio stations here. The majority feeling is that he will sit to give the ankle an extra week to heal. We should be able to handle the Raiders without him and honestly Asomogua (sp?) has done a damn good job shutting him down anyway. Should be a huge dose of Foster and Schaub spreading the ball around when he has to throw.
  7. Texansfan

    Lance Moore - no fluke

    Not saying he's going to go crazy like he did last week, BUT I would argue that he might be Brees's #1 target (yes over Colston) as long as Reggie Bush is out. He runs great routes (unlike Meachem), catches the ball (unlike Henderson), and will not draw the other teams top corner (unlike Colston). But those of you writing him off as just another Saints WR are making a BIG mistake! Want proof, just look at Moore's 2008 stats when Bush missed the majority of the season: 79 catches for 928 yards and 10 TDs. Get him if you still can!
  8. Texansfan

    Dustin Keller

    Actually I think his value goes up. Holmes will stretch the field leaving Keller even more open in the middle.
  9. Texansfan

    Calvin Johnson

    Stafford out hurts, and now if Best is out they have no running threat to keep defenses somewhat honest. So things could have just gone from bad to worse for us Megatron owners.
  10. Texansfan

    Dustin Keller

    Yeah, Cooley has been OK. Today he did virtually nothing. 3 of his 5 catches were in garbage time. He's option 2 at best behind S.Moss. Keller seems to be Sanchez's #1 option.
  11. Texansfan

    Dustin Keller

    Would you guys drop Cooley for Keller???
  12. Texansfan

    Drop Snelling or Scott for Lynch?

    I don't see why they wouldn't. He doesn't want to be there, they could get decent value for him and still have Spiller & Jackson.
  13. Texansfan

    Cut Crabtree?!? for D. Thomas den

    Then I would stay put.
  14. Texansfan

    Ryan or Cutler

    Wow that's a tough choice. I'd lean Cutler since he's just started the season on fire and it should be a very high scoring game with GB! Please see mine!
  15. Texansfan

    Ryan or Flacco?

    I'd go Ryan in a shootout with NO. Flacco is just playing like crap right now. Wait until he turns it around. See mine pls!