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  1. ktuoms

    Argument for not taking Adrian Peterson #1

    No brainer. Take AP. Especially in a non-ppr league.
  2. ktuoms

    old faithfuls or rookie

    In a keeper league I would probably go with the following: Lacy Fitz Bush MJD Murray
  3. I will answer yours if you answer mine. I am in a 10 team PPR league and am drafting 9th. Our Tight End positions are extremely valuable because they get 2 pts per 10 yrds where as rb's and wr's get 1 point for every 10 yards. Should I even consider Graham in the first or second round? In addition, our league is very QB heavy so I will probably be able to draft Spiller at 9 and maybe even McCoy in the 2nd round. Do I dare take Graham instead. Hard to pass up but... Thanks in advance.
  4. ktuoms

    schaub or garrard

    Schaub. You have to go with the better QB.
  5. ktuoms

    2 outta these 3 RBs

    I would go with Foster and Gore. Matthews isn't 100 percent yet.
  6. ktuoms

    Trade ray rice? check it out

    I wouldn't do that trade if I were you.
  7. Pierre Thomas for Michael Bush. Non PPR league. Who would you rather have?
  8. ktuoms

    Which 3 RBs do i start?

    That is tough. I would lean towards Torain also just because of the matchup. But it is just a slight edge over LT2.
  9. ktuoms

    Should I trade LaDainian Tomlinson?

    I don't think WR's are your problem. If you are thinking about trading him I would try and get a RB with a favorable schedule down the stretch.
  10. ktuoms


    I would have to go with GB here. Barnett won't make that much of a difference.
  11. I agree with what you are both saying but we do start 3 Running backs so that was why I thought Forte or Thomas would be a better 3rd back than what I have now.
  12. ktuoms

    R.Wayne/B.Wells for s.Jackson/T.O

    I would do it and because of your RB depth try and make a trade with another team for a better wide receiver if possible. It seems you have some guys on the bench that should get some interest.
  13. Lynch and Blount for Forte and Bowe... or Michael Bush and Fred Jackson for Pierre Thomas and Ivory My receivers: Miles Austin DJax Calvin Johnson Hines Ward My Running backs: Turner, Rice, Lynch, Fred Jackson, Michael Bush, and Blount Will answer yours
  14. ktuoms

    Pick 1: Bryant, B.Jackson, Blount

    I hate the choice and if I was backed into a corner I'd have to agree with the consensus in Dez.