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  1. G-in O-town

    Teams not showing in last round

    Worked. Thanks Mike.
  2. G-in O-town

    Teams not showing in last round

    We have 14 rounds 14 teams and in the draft report and grid teams 1-4 are not showing up in the last round (14). All other rounds every team is showing.
  3. G-in O-town

    Week 8 WW Pickups

    Good order but I'd move Tre Mason down to last. Terrible team and Stacy and Cunnigham are not going away, could be a headache each week. Brown should be the top WW with Robinson second
  4. I have 14 rounds set but in DB in round 14 of draft report there are 4 teams not showing up. It stops at #10 How do I get these 4 teams to show in Rd 14. This happened to me last year and I just left them out in that last round. Thanks
  5. G-in O-town

    Ray Rice...4th overall and benching him

    True but look back on all the other weeks, RB's did nothing against the Lions D.
  6. G-in O-town

    Matt Flynn

    Let's not forget Wallace has had no time practicing with this team, let's see what a week of practice will do first before you cast him off. I'd like to see them bring in Vince Young over Flynn.
  7. I've already done a couple, who's up next?
  8. G-in O-town

    New York Jets at Atlanta Falcons - In-Game Discussion

    So much for the experts rankings on the Atlanta D this week.
  9. G-in O-town

    WK 3 Waiver Analysis

    Andre Ellington is interesting but concerned about the AZ O-line. Here's a TE thought that owners might be over looking, Heath Miller is expected back very soon. Dude saved me last year when V. Davis went missing on a number of games.
  10. G-in O-town

    Lets keep it real.....Torrey Smith is not a good WR

    Maybe Marion Brown steals his thunder now.
  11. G-in O-town

    Josh Gordon

    I bought in the 14th round and Gordan has WR2 potential.
  12. McFadden over White. McFadden has a good matchup.
  13. G-in O-town

    Only 10 teams showing in last round

    I'm missing 4 team owners in our last round (14)for our draft board. In set up I have 14 rounds selected but some how last 4 teams in round 14 are not showing. Any help.
  14. G-in O-town

    Geek Re-financers

    Well with 30 yr fixed rates at around 3.625% and 15 yr rates at 2.75% (0pts) NOW is the time to looking at refinancing to these historic rates depending on your circumstances. In Mortgage Business for over 22yrs