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  1. Headslap75

    Common misused sayings ....

    It is what it is
  2. Headslap75

    Genesis of the S&L crisis and the Housing Bubble

    Is anybody listening
  3. Headslap75

    Songs That Depress You!

  4. Headslap75

    Saddest TV or movie scenes

    White Shadow Curtis Jackson gets shot dead in liquor store
  5. It was the laugh for me
  6. Headslap75

    Does your wife/girlfriend watch porn with you?

    and if this is the case perhaps he does know Newbie.....Just saying
  7. Headslap75

    Jacquizz Rodgers--TNF

    I gambled and lost time to move on!!.......was going against Grahmn who did nothing spectacular,so there is hope going to the weekend
  8. Headslap75

    Jacquizz Rodgers--TNF

    I just might......it's him or Matt Forte on a bad wheel against a decent Seahawk run Def
  9. Headslap75

    Best Actor of the last 25 years?

    I know he's a bit of a douche and many do not agree with his politics but Sean Penn is in the conversation
  10. Headslap75

    Lashinda Demus

    Is there a uglier Olympian this year?? and where does she rank in the history of the games? Discuss
  11. Headslap75


    I had no idea you and Newbie went that far back
  12. Headslap75

    What should I name my son?

    I can't tell you how true this is in my life.My name is John been called Jack since a baby.Im the 4th in family with this albatros hung around my neck.Every first day of school...every time I sign papers/documents/checks...been a pain in the ass!!"I didn't know your name was John" "how do you get Jack out Of John?" it goes on and on and on..Im forty-######-two and I hate it to this day."Just call me Jack and STFU"