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  1. sirensong

    Zeke, might hold out........

    Zeke is smart to force DAL's hand here--he has info on how DeMarco was handled. But at the end of the day, Dak is getting his (30M+), and Amari is getting his (16M+). You can't look at it year-to-year--it has to be on a multi-year timescale. What it turns into is Zeke vs. Jaylon/Byron, with Jaylon vs. LVE as a sub-analysis. I wish I had an answer. DAL can't continue to put 70% of the cap into the offense unless the offense is utterly dominant. And think about this: that 70% number is before any increase for Dak, Amari, or Zeke, who are demanding at least an additional $40M per year. DAL is doomed.
  2. sirensong

    2019 NFL Draft - Round 1

    I am pleased with the giants pick.
  3. sirensong

    First Round NFL Mock?

    absolutely, but that doesn't help when everyone else is having fun for draft season and your team doesn't have a 1st rounder.
  4. sirensong

    First Round NFL Mock?

    i keep telling myself that everything is ok because DAL's 1st round pick was amari and there's nothing to be sad about. but i know i'm lying.
  5. sirensong


    passer rating differential is the stat that is the most closely correlated with winning. there are different ways to get there. having a great QB is one way. having a transcendent pass rush or coverage unit is another. a strong run game influences the stat, as does receiver quality. but you can't have gold-plated everything, so a team has to make strategic choices as to how to pursue a positive passer rating differential. IMO, the giants have the least important pieces. if they could swap OBJ for a top pass rusher like mack, they would instantly get closer to playoff caliber. but i don't think they're going to be capable of doing it with eli. he was good enough to ride brilliant defensive play to 2 rings when he was in his prime, but he's too decrepit now to stay in the saddle.
  6. sirensong

    Will you take mahomes #1 overall next year

    as a quantitative analyst, it irritates me that positional draft value question hasn't been deeply modeled. yes there are variables, but there should be strong, reliable correlations. if i could find the time, like to sit down in R and do a monte carlo simulation of the last few seasons for positional value maximization.
  7. IMO total points work best as side action to the real league. the interpersonal energy of H2H is part of what keeps FF engaging throughout the entire season.
  8. sirensong

    Cooper looks good.

    yep. it's even questionable whether jerry is paying a premium--a top-5 pick next year will average $8M-$9M for 4 years in exchange for probably 2 years of WR1 production. over the next 5, coop will probably average $17M for 5 years of WR1 production. and DAL didn't have to tank the season to get him. best of all, he's elevating a fundamentally unsound QB into a serious downfield passing threat.
  9. sirensong

    Saints at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    you weren't paying attention. elliott was doing great in the first half, when he was being employed as a receiver in creative ways. then halftime happened, linehan went back to boring, predictable playcalling, and the cowboys racked up 20 yards of offense in the entire 3rd quarter and into the 4th.
  10. sirensong

    Saints at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    this is seeming more and more prophetic as the 2nd half wears on.
  11. sirensong

    Saints at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    agreed. those 8 points left on the field might come up big. one way or another, this demonstrates that the DAL defense is for real, and capable of competing at a playoff level.
  12. sirensong

    Saints at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    holy . cowboys came to play!
  13. sirensong

    Saints at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    can't waste possessions
  14. sirensong


    made some wrong calls and dumb decisions last night, but this kid is just a joy to watch.
  15. sirensong

    Jerry Rice says no to Eli

    he was present when the giants defense won 2 rings, and even made a couple of quality throws along the way. but it ain't the hall of skill--he's making it in.