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  1. sirensong

    Who else would love to see Brady play elsewhere???

    that's a pretty shallow take. a QB can't run the route or catch the ball for anyone. football is a game of matchups. if a WR can't gain separation, can't read zones, or can't come down with 50/50 balls, nothing any QB does is going to matter.
  2. sirensong

    Cowboys at Bears: In-Game Discussion

    god-mode understatement.
  3. sirensong

    Eagles at Cowboys: In-Game Discussion

    looks like garrett backed off and let moore do his job.
  4. sirensong

    Cowboys at Saints: In-Game Discussion

    our cities are very different, but for some reason we get along. respect.
  5. sirensong

    Cowboys at Saints: In-Game Discussion

    most people in DFW love NO and the saints. it's like our sister city.
  6. sirensong


    Yeah, zero pressure. he was only touched twice the entire game. mark rypien looked like a god under those circumstances. it's great that he did well, but let's see what he does against a middle-of-the-pack defense before breaking out the anointing oils.
  7. sirensong


    NYG def isn't very good, but there's no question that Dak is seeing the field better and throwing the football better. moore's playcalling has something to do with it also. it's important not to overreact though.
  8. sirensong

    Ezekiel Elliott planning to holdout???

    that was pre-cap. nowadays, paying emmitt means a lot of your team depth walks.
  9. sirensong

    Ezekiel Elliott planning to holdout???

    Cowherd is a knownothing jackass, and it pains me that his idiocy is attached to the Cowboys. Never, ever agree with him. If he's actually right about something, it's an accident.
  10. sirensong

    Ezekiel Elliott planning to holdout???

    In a massive turnabout, the whole city of Dallas came to love Alf after he came here from WAS. Just a cool dude who did everything that was asked of him, and never once complained.
  11. sirensong

    Cowboys Defense

    Sack totals have been slowly creeping up for the last few years, but takeaways are still low. problematic ball skills for the CBs, with lots of PBUs but few INTs. x woods looks to have a breakout year, but i'll need to see before i buy. and it has been a while since the return game was productive. i think they're going to be a very good real-football defense, but probably not a great D/ST.
  12. sirensong

    Zeke, might hold out........

    Zeke is smart to force DAL's hand here--he has info on how DeMarco was handled. But at the end of the day, Dak is getting his (30M+), and Amari is getting his (16M+). You can't look at it year-to-year--it has to be on a multi-year timescale. What it turns into is Zeke vs. Jaylon/Byron, with Jaylon vs. LVE as a sub-analysis. I wish I had an answer. DAL can't continue to put 70% of the cap into the offense unless the offense is utterly dominant. And think about this: that 70% number is before any increase for Dak, Amari, or Zeke, who are demanding at least an additional $40M per year. DAL is doomed.
  13. sirensong

    2019 NFL Draft - Round 1

    I am pleased with the giants pick.
  14. sirensong

    First Round NFL Mock?

    absolutely, but that doesn't help when everyone else is having fun for draft season and your team doesn't have a 1st rounder.
  15. sirensong

    First Round NFL Mock?

    i keep telling myself that everything is ok because DAL's 1st round pick was amari and there's nothing to be sad about. but i know i'm lying.