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  1. WR Guru

    Maurice Harris

    MVS has a TD or 100 yds receiving in 4 straight games. The sample size on Harris is too small to recommend him over a guy who has produced for a month.
  2. WR Guru

    Maurice Harris

    Fantastic streaming option this week as one of the few healthy skill players on a team facing the dumpster fire Tampa defense. Beyond that, who knows. Have to see how his usage changes when Crowder returns.
  3. WR Guru

    Josh Adams

    I agree that it's likely to remain a 3 way or even 4 way mess with Sproles returning. But given that Smallwood and Clement are mediocre talents at best, and Sproles is old and banged up, it doesn't seem like it would take much for a superior runner to just take the bull by the horns and make it his job.
  4. WR Guru

    Josh Adams

    Emerging lead dog? or Just another committee guy getting 5-10 touches ROS? I really have no read on this Philly RB mess at all.
  5. WR Guru

    Dez Bryant - Signs with New Orleans

    It's an interesting move by the Saints, for sure. But how much impact is a guy going to have coming in off the street in week 10 having to learn an entirely new offense? It smells a little bit like a desperation move since the Saints have not been able to establish a secondary receiver since Ginn went down.
  6. WR Guru

    Indy TEs

    Right. Indy tight ends have almost 100 targets already this year. Philly with Ertz has more and I think the Chiefs are the only other team that's even close. Doyle will be just a notch below those top few guys at tight end, but not far behind.
  7. WR Guru

    Elijah Mcguire

    Crowell's last 4 games: 50 carries, 143 yards (2.86 avg). And he's barely a factor as a receiver. In fact, if you take away his one outlier game against Denver where he racked up over 200 yards, he's averaging less than 40 rushing yards per game. The path is wide open for McGuire to become the lead back here.
  8. WR Guru

    Cook may play with a limited role ?

    Sounds moronic if it's true. So they send him out there in an inconsequential role to get a few token carries on the eve of a bye week and he blows the hammy again, junking the rest of his season. Brilliant.
  9. WR Guru

    Elijah Mcguire

    Well, with Crowell banged up and struggling and Powell down for the year, you could do a lot worse as a speculative add than McGuire. Opportunity knocks. And the matchup with the Dolphins this week is juicy. Though the risk of starting a guy in his first week back from a prolonged injury is obvious.
  10. WR Guru

    Tre'Quan Smith

    I believe Brees is sporting some crazy completion percentage, like 77%. So yeah, Thomas over 90% seems plausible.
  11. WR Guru

    Cook Update?

    Considering that he has returned to practice at times and then gone back on the shelf again, it's obvious that he has re-aggravated the hammy multiple times already. And here we sit in week 8. Yeah, it's an open question as to whether he'll be healthy at any point this season.
  12. WR Guru

    Anyone rolling with Clement tonight?

    Clement looked pretty good to me. He's a tougher between-the-tackles runner than Smallwood, who looks like more of a scatback. I'd be surprised if the touch share between the two doesn't flip the next time out, now that Clement is healthy and has a game under his belt.
  13. WR Guru

    Derrick Henry

    Titans are one of the 3 or 4 weakest offenses in the entire league. That spells doom for a RB who's not heavily involved as a receiver. Henry is for sure droppable unless you are in a league with large rosters where you can afford to stash him for a while and see if the Titans offense comes around. Bitter pill for people who had him as their RB2.
  14. WR Guru

    Roughing the passer

    Just look at the skyrocketing contracts these QBs are getting. $33.5 million annual average for Aaron Rodgers. And each QB who signs a new deal raises the bar higher. With those numbers, QBs are just too valuable now to the franchises, who are not going to allow their prized assets to be driven into the dirt by 260 lb cement heads. Like it or not, that's business.
  15. WR Guru

    Latavious Bust of the Year

    Wasn't the final betting line on that game something like Vikings -16.5? And then not only do they not cover or even win, but they get blown out? That game right there is why I don't bet on sports.