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  1. WR Guru

    Mike Williams Out for the Year - Torn ACL

    Not sure why people are so lukewarm on Palmer. He stands to be a near-every down player in a high volume passing attack with a stud QB. I'll take that shot, thank you. He put up 800 yards as just an occasional starter last year in a less than great season for Herbert. And, oh by the way, not trying to predict injuries, but Keenen Allen is a higher-than-normal injury risk if you look at his career track record, and he's now 31, so... Johnston is certainly intriguing as a prospect, but there's just not enough sample size to say much about him except that he's been running well behind Palmer in the pecking order. Like others have said, he's likely to be a situational deep threat that gets some of the deep looks that Mike Williams would have gotten. Other than that...?
  2. WR Guru

    Kadarius Toney

    It's not every day that you can pin a loss in the NFL on one player singlehandedly- especially a non-QB. You could make a persuasive argument that Toney singlehandedly lost that game for the Chiefs. Dreadful
  3. Stars are aligning almost too perfectly for Mims. Three guys ahead of him on the depth chart already out with injuries. Last one standing is...Sutton... I wouldn't even call Mims a stash at this point. I expect him to be productive from day 1.
  4. WR Guru

    Jeff Wilson on IR- MOSTERT A #1RB?

    Mostert has never shown the durability of a lead back. And he's going into his age 31 season, which is on the wrong side of the RB wall. If they increase his usage very much at all from what it was last year, highly likely that he ends up on the injured list again.
  5. I hear ya. The co-championship was the proposal of the two teams involved. I hate it.
  6. In my league where I am commish, the team trailing in the championship needed something like an average game from Allen. The team in the lead had no players in the Monday night game. So it was pretty much 50/50 odds. Right now, I think our resolution is that, if the Bills/Bengals game gets completed at any point - even if it's week 19 and the NFL shuffles its entire playoff schedule - we will use the stats from that game to determine the champion. If the game is never completed, we will declare co-champions and split the pot, which galls me to no end (full disclosure- I was eliminated last week and do not have a dog in the fight).
  7. WR Guru

    F.U. week 8

    Carr has not been the same player since his broken leg/broken back injuries in 2016-17, and it appears that he's bottoming out this year. Whether its a physical issue or mental, it's been long enough now to say that he's never getting back to where he was, which was an MVP candidate.
  8. WR Guru

    Atl Rb’s

    Patterson faded badly at the end of last season. His pass catching numbers vanished after week 9 and he was pretty much a TD dependent plodder from then on. I don't know if Atl plans on getting back to the way Patterson was being used in the first half of 2021, but I'm with the skeptics at this point.
  9. WR Guru

    Dalvin Cook off Covid list - Week 17

    Ice bowl conditions in GB on Sunday with temps near zero. Cook may get 30 touches in that one. Good luck if you have QBs or receivers there.
  10. WR Guru

    Darren Waller?

    Seems a little fishy when they call a guy "day-to-day" shortly after an injury occurs and then he's out for over a month and counting. Either the organization seriously underplayed a significant injury, or the player is engaging in an operation-shut-down. One of those things is true. It's a shame because he was just coming off a season-best game and looked primed for a strong finish, like last year. Remember, last season he was pretty mediocre all the way through week 12, then absolutely tore it up in weeks 13-17.
  11. WR Guru

    Dalvin Cook off Covid list - Week 17

    Was not going to be a good matchup even for Cook. Rams D has been tough against the run. Unfortunately, Min has mostly forgotten this year that Cook is also a good receiver.
  12. WR Guru

    Best WR in the NFL?

    Deebo is making a strong case, having the year he's having with a curtain jerker like Jimmy G throwing him the ball. Imagine him with a superior passer, like Rodgers or Stafford.
  13. WR Guru

    covid strategies

    Covid giveth and covid taketh away. Snagged Justin Jackson for his cake matchup with Houston filling in for Ekeler, then lost Dalvin Cook the next day (Mattison grabbed by another owner). Now the Jackson move - which was initially a depth move - is suddenly crucial to my chances for the week. Gotta have your head on a swivel these days.
  14. WR Guru

    Deebo Samuel: Best RB in the NFL

    The 49ers have no reason to be cocky about winning. Since converting Deebo to RB, they've beaten some bad teams, lost to a bad Seattle team (when Deebo was out), eked one out against the Vikes due to turnovers, and got dominated in the 4th quarter and blew a big lead against Cincy. More like they've gotten away with the stupid move because Kittle caught a hot streak and has managed to stay healthy for a little while. That won't last.
  15. WR Guru

    M. Evans - if out Wk 16, then ..

    He went on the list last week and could be activated for this week's game. If Evans is out, they'll be extra motivated to get Perriman back back on the field. These are Perriman's game logs from the 2019 fantasy playoffs filling in for Evans: 3/70-1 5/113-3 7/102-0 5/134-1