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  1. WR Guru

    Week 8 Scoop and Play WR

    Marcus Johnson Ind Might have slipped through the cracks because Indy had a bye after Johnson's big game a couple weeks ago. He's the only Colts receiver who has looked like he's worth anything or shown any chemistry with Rivers. Facing a Detroit team that has given up plenty of big games to WRs already this year. He has rocketed up the depth chart since being activated and everyone in Indy seems to be asking why this guy wasn't on the field sooner for a team that's dying for playmakers.
  2. WR Guru

    Mike Boone anyone?

    Opponent in the final (Cook owner) needed 18 from Boone. Have to admit, I thought it was a 50/50 chance. Was feeling pretty confident by halftime that Boone had nothing. He crushed a lot of dreams tonight
  3. QB- Winston, Goff RB- Gordon, Mack, Bell, Peterson WR/TE- Evans, D.Moore, J.Brown, Kittle, Waller, Perriman, Higbee, J.Watson K- Koo IDP- Leonard, Payne Squeaked into the playoffs but Winston carried me to the final. Opponent needed 18 from Boone tonight. Nope. 3rd ring in main league since 2012!
  4. I still don't believe Jackson will survive playing this style in the NFL. He took some pretty awkward hits even last night in a game he dominated. Only gonna take one of those to rob him of the extraordinary top gear that he has, and then he's an average QB. Vick had numerous seasons shortened or ruined by injuries. Ditto Randal Cunningham. RGIII didn't even make it through 2 seasons before having his career destroyed by a knee injury- reduced mobility making him a very ordinary player. Those are probably the only players in NFL history comparable to Jackson. Maybe he can defy the odds, but not likely. Enjoy the show that Jackson is putting on right now.
  5. WR Guru

    Jets WR

    I just had to make a call between dropping Crowder and Devante Parker and I dumped Crowder. So that means Crowder will catch 10 balls this week. But yeah, with the addition of Thomas, Herndon returning, and if the Jets ever figure out that they've got maybe the best pass catching back in the league in Bell, some of those short and intermediate targets that Crowder was hogging may dry up.
  6. WR Guru

    Melvin Gordon buy low?

    You're right, it is disputed as to why Pipp left the Yankees lineup. There are several different versions of the story. I think though that "Wally Pipped" has come to describe a starter who sits out for any reason at all and then never gets his job back because his replacement is too good.
  7. WR Guru

    Melvin Gordon buy low?

    Gordon will play better at some point, but the real problem right now is that he may have Wally Pipped himself. Ekeler has been so effective, it's hard to imagine that this won't be something close to a 50/50 timeshare for the rest of the season. Ekeler is their leading receiver- #3 in the entire league.
  8. WR Guru

    Kerryon Johnson placed on IR

    Same here. Hoping for the best, but no big expectations. Kerryon himself was pretty disappointing so far in that offense before he went down. Hopefully Ty can shine in week 8 and use that as a springboard into the rest of the season. If he can't exploit a tasty matchup against the Giants, that doesn't bode well for tougher matchups on the horizon. Might even be a good sell-high candidate if he shows this week.
  9. I don't care if the other team has Superman and Batman in the secondary, not getting the ball in the hands of your top playmaker even a single time in an entire game is a failure of gameplan and play calling. Period
  10. Still believe that Baltimore is going to be a low volume passing offense over the long haul (with week 1 being a massive outlier), which will limit Andrews. But, hey, they've proven me wrong thus far.
  11. WR Guru


    Going back to last season, Diggs is under 50 yards in 6 straight games and 7 of 8. That's bad for a guy being viewed as a WR2 or low-end WR1. He looks like a clear 2nd fiddle on a run-heavy team. He's already had two games this season with target totals worse than any game he had all of last year. I know it's bad form to trade guys at the low end of their value, but at this point I'd move him while he still has some name value. Or wait and pray that he has a pop-off game in the next couple of weeks and move him then.
  12. WR Guru

    R. Jones II

    6.8 yards per touch vs 3.9 yards per touch. How long do you suppose it takes the Tampa coaches to figure that one out? Barber is a career 3.8 guy, so this is who he is.
  13. WR Guru

    Maurice Harris

    MVS has a TD or 100 yds receiving in 4 straight games. The sample size on Harris is too small to recommend him over a guy who has produced for a month.
  14. WR Guru

    Maurice Harris

    Fantastic streaming option this week as one of the few healthy skill players on a team facing the dumpster fire Tampa defense. Beyond that, who knows. Have to see how his usage changes when Crowder returns.
  15. WR Guru

    Josh Adams

    I agree that it's likely to remain a 3 way or even 4 way mess with Sproles returning. But given that Smallwood and Clement are mediocre talents at best, and Sproles is old and banged up, it doesn't seem like it would take much for a superior runner to just take the bull by the horns and make it his job.