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  1. sheadtoo

    *Official 2020 Election Thread*

    drove past a couple polling places on my way home in deleware and they were mobbed maybe 100 people wrapped all through the parking lot.
  2. My job is requiring weekly testing regardless. so my guess is about 80% is healthcare workers
  3. sheadtoo

    The Cabin on Netflix

    in the state that basically has beauty pageants as a national past time. if you don't like it don't watch easy as that.
  4. sheadtoo

    Mashed Taters

    Any mashed potato is ok in my belly....
  5. sheadtoo

    I have Cancer :/

    It's not a computer they can program so he can speak jive
  6. sheadtoo

    Goff or Ryan?-16 team league, input please.

    I'm counting on Ryan to have a better game. I like the match up more.
  7. sheadtoo

    Flex Help?

    wait...slayton or slater? i might take slayton then...
  8. sheadtoo

    Flex Help?

    yikes yours is as bad as mine... i think i take swift
  9. sheadtoo

    Flex- Singletary or Chark??

    I'm still rolling with Singletary one more week before i get scared.
  10. sheadtoo

    Brandin Cooks or Chase Edmonds?

    Ive got cooks going for me.....not sure edmonds can produce even with a half decent match up
  11. sheadtoo

    The Cabin on Netflix

    I laughed so hard at some of that i cried.
  12. sheadtoo

    Flex help Bench Drake?

    this....Cooks is in my lineup as well.
  13. sheadtoo

    TE for today: J Graham or H Hurst?

    I haven't trusted graham in like 4 years.
  14. sheadtoo

    : Mattison, Hunt, Connors, Robinson or Ridley

    I think i sit Conner, but that really is a toss up between him and hunt. I think i rank it 5,1,4...........2,3