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  1. sheadtoo

    The Cabin on Netflix

    in the state that basically has beauty pageants as a national past time. if you don't like it don't watch easy as that.
  2. sheadtoo

    Mashed Taters

    Any mashed potato is ok in my belly....
  3. sheadtoo

    I have Cancer :/

    It's not a computer they can program so he can speak jive
  4. sheadtoo

    Goff or Ryan?-16 team league, input please.

    I'm counting on Ryan to have a better game. I like the match up more.
  5. sheadtoo

    Flex Help?

    wait...slayton or slater? i might take slayton then...
  6. sheadtoo

    Flex Help?

    yikes yours is as bad as mine... i think i take swift
  7. sheadtoo

    Flex- Singletary or Chark??

    I'm still rolling with Singletary one more week before i get scared.
  8. sheadtoo

    Brandin Cooks or Chase Edmonds?

    Ive got cooks going for me.....not sure edmonds can produce even with a half decent match up
  9. sheadtoo

    The Cabin on Netflix

    I laughed so hard at some of that i cried.
  10. sheadtoo

    Flex help Bench Drake?

    this....Cooks is in my lineup as well.
  11. sheadtoo

    TE for today: J Graham or H Hurst?

    I haven't trusted graham in like 4 years.
  12. sheadtoo

    : Mattison, Hunt, Connors, Robinson or Ridley

    I think i sit Conner, but that really is a toss up between him and hunt. I think i rank it 5,1,4...........2,3
  13. sheadtoo

    2- QB League- Start Jones or Burrow?

    I've been ride or die with Burrows.
  14. sheadtoo

    flex help non ppr

    James White NE RB or Marvin Jones DET WR
  15. sheadtoo

    I have Cancer :/

    I disappear for three years and you have to hit me with this.....damn it Jerry. I don't pray but I'm sure as hell hoping for the best. What i remember you are a class act and you are showing it every day keep up the fight.