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    Wiffleball and Houston Geeks.

    Fock you. It's been a long time since I've been around. I met him when he was down here so I think of him as from the area.
  2. TylerRoseFan

    Natural Remedies and Stuff

    Warning, below is prolly TMI. So, as part of my recent getting healthy thing, Mrs TRF and I are looking for natural remedies for all kinds of . We started out on skin care by getting a 54 oz jar of organic coconut oil. Coconut oil is good for all kinds of skin issues because it has natural antibiotic and anti viral properties. We use it for everything from hand lotion to cooking with it. Then got a 2 oz bottle of oregano oil. Then we upgraded to tea tree oil, lavender oil, and peppermint oil. We mix most of them but basically is a listing of REAL results we have seen. Oregano/Coconut- I've got a funky toe that's w/ me for nearly a decade. I didn't think it was worthy of going to a doctor, but it was just kinda yellow and . I tried all kinds of natural cures to no avail. I started putting the mixture on it every morning before work and at night before bed. In about a month I've got healthy pink almost 3/4 of the way in my toe. Oregano/Coconut-I've had some rosatia on my nose and cheeks for about 2 years. I tried some metro-gel from the Dr as well as some other creams. Nothing. I started using this concoction at random and BOOM, no more Rudolf. Tea Tree/Coconut-I'm getting old. Never really bothered w/ my bald spot. Figured about 3 weeks ago that I'd start putting it on my bald spot. Hair is actually growing back. Unfucking believable. Tea Tree Oil-I had two skin tags on my hip. I put tea tree oil directly on them using a q-tip for about two weeks. Gone. Tea Tree/Coconut-TRF Jr had athletes foot. Put that on it 2x a day for a few days and it's gone. Tea Tree/Coconut-TRF Jr's Little brother's frat had an outbreak of scabies. I gave him the tea tree/coconut to put on it 3 times a day. Washed all clothes and sheets and stuff in hot water. Gone in no time without having to pay $75 for the salve the dr wanted to give him. Oregano/Coconut-I put it on any cut, scrape, burn I get. Same can be done w/ the tea tree. Sometimes I interchange them. Lavender/Coconut-I rub it on my temples to relieve headaches and help me relax. Lavender-Put a few drops on a cotton ball and place it in random places around the house to keep a fresh scent Peppermint Oil-Same as Lavender Lavender & Peppermint used during different times to help w/ overall mood and focus. I basically use the oils for everything I can think of and have noticed an overall improvement in my complexion and skin tone. It seems less aged. Look these are all anecdotal, but real observations from me and my family. Look up the applications yourself if you don't believe me. I'd recommend it anyway
  3. What's the difference between an anal and an oral thermometer? The taste! POW!!!!!!!! HEY-OOOOOHHHH!!!
  4. It's rediculous that this is an actual political issue! It shouldn't matter if two people want to enter a contract w/ each other to declare their love and tie their fancial futures together. The state (gubment) should be cool w/ it and treat them the same whether it's m/f, m/m, or f/f. However, it should be just as difficult on the same sex couples to break up as it is for other couples. Now if a church wants to sactify the couple in the eyes of their god, then that's a different story. It's up to each church and their beliefs to do whatever the they want. The gubment shouldn't force them to sactify it.
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    Focking Bert! (Grrr)

    We met. We had beer. Had a lot more in common than I expected. Good times. I can honestly say that I'm 9/9 when it comes to meeting geeks. All of them have been top notch.
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    My wife has innitiated a poo-pourri program in the TRF household. Current one is peppermint in our bathroom and lavender in the guest bath. Big thums up.
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    What Did You Get/Give?

    Got: Lego X-wing, Lego Ghost, Classic Star Wars posters from 1978. Gave Mrs TRF: Serotonin Jewelry, new vanity mirror, some massage things, shoes, boots, clothing Gave TRF Jr: New laptop for school, tons of clothes Gave TRF Jr's Little Brother: Custom golf clubs, skate board ramp, tons of clothes
  8. TylerRoseFan

    Focking Bert! (Grrr)

    Cool. We are hanging out right now. May head out in a bit. I'll pm you my cell #...if I ever figure out how. Worst case scenario, can you meet for a beer lunch manana?
  9. TylerRoseFan

    Focking Bert! (Grrr)

    Kickass. What area of Houston are you in?
  10. TylerRoseFan

    Focking Bert! (Grrr)

    Wow, I guess I should get around here more often... We've got some tickets to the Texas bowl. Meeting some family and staying in Baytown Monday night. Currently live in Louisiana. Not sure if Mrs TRF and I are going to head out for some alone time today or drive in tomorrow. Either way, I'd be up to meeting for a beer.
  11. TylerRoseFan

    Focking Bert! (Grrr)

    Ima be in Houston either today or tomorrow. I'm not against sharing a beer with either you or/and Bert.
  12. TylerRoseFan

    Nerds rejoice!

    Actually I'm pretty jazzed about it. Can't wait until 12/18/2015. So...ah...yeah...
  13. Dale Murphy was the first one that came to mind. I remember a sports Illustrated article in 1986/87 that attempted to list all the players at the time who were potential HOF players. I remember when they mentioned his name "He's already in"...or something like that. This is a great thread.
  14. TylerRoseFan

    Fawking Cancer

    I'd never had cancer in my family until November 2011. My oldest brother, 50, was diagnosed w/ stage 2 pancreatic cancer. He fought for 16 months and passed in February 2013. Then in Sept 2013 my dad started getting down in his back. All kinds of tests were run to no avail. Then on 12/10/2012 they finally found 3 tumors on his lower spine and 1 in his bladder. More tests and it was all over his body. He declined all treatment and died in Jan 2014. Cancer can kiss my ENTIRE focking ass.
  15. TylerRoseFan

    My mother passed away yesterday

    Deepest condolences from the TRF clan in Louisiana. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.
  16. TylerRoseFan

    Mick Jagger's Bucket List

    He's still alive?
  17. TylerRoseFan

    If you could bang any one person on this earth....

    This is the very first thing that came to my mind.
  18. If anyone is interested in meeting up, the TRF Clan will be participating in the Zombie Run in Austin on 7/12/2014. My two sons (22/19) and I are going to run the race. Mrs TRF will be there cheering us on and making sure I have a beer afterwards. Then we'll be going to the Kiss/Def Leppard concert that night. Let me know and we'll be happy to meet for drinks and whatnot. http://www.ticketmaster.com/kiss-and-def-leppard-austin-texas-07-12-2014/event/0C004C6DA617C2F2#! http://thezombierun.com/location/austin-tx-xo/ PM me and we'll figure something out!
  19. TylerRoseFan

    Zombie Run-Kiss/Def Leppard-Austin, TX-7/12/2014

    Nothing from any of the Houston/Austin/San Antonio Geeks?
  20. TylerRoseFan

    Athletes you hate that you hated?

    Hated Tom Chambers and Alex English. They ALWAYS went off on the Rockets. Looking back, they were just doing their job. Still hate all lakers with the passion of a thousand suns.
  21. TylerRoseFan

    20K B1tches!

    Your family must be proud.
  22. TylerRoseFan

    Who is more racist ?

    Wow. I couldn't agree more. Well said.
  23. TylerRoseFan

    finally bought skin lotion today

    Coconut Oil and Oregano Oil.
  24. TylerRoseFan

    California Superior Court Finally Got One Right

    Impressive. You used the word "sycophants".