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    Which is the sexiest?

  2. TylerRoseFan

    come to peenie's daughter's igraduation

    peenie, i generally disagree w/ your politix, but....you have a beautiful daughter. you should be VERY proud of her. Congrats! praps one day she and my son could hang out together....
  3. TylerRoseFan


    Great road trip movie. Gotta get the Dom.
  4. TylerRoseFan

    Relationship question

    Which military town? I live near Fort Polk.
  5. TylerRoseFan


    And field of dreams. What about Silverado?
  6. I teach in Louisiana. We have uniforms. The shorts are very regulated. The students are not allowed to dress like that. They would be sent to office and parents would have to bring appropriate clothes
  7. TylerRoseFan

    Mike Brown fired

    Some NBA salary stats... Assuming the deal is for more than Mike Brown's expiring of $4.5mil, I doubt he's getting 10% of that from ESPN....$450k
  8. TylerRoseFan

    Mike Brown fired

    I couldn't imagine is salary @ ESPN would be anywhere near that of an NBA head coach. I'd say 10x.
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    Also, this
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    This has some great recipes.
  11. TylerRoseFan

    Relationship question

    If they are serious about their relationship, then yes. It is a HUGE deal. Trust. Trust. Trust.
  12. Very cool. What's the street value on something like that?
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    The Postman is a fantastic book. The movie is an adaptation....diverges early. Don't judge the book by the movie.
  14. TylerRoseFan

    Magic vs Celtics

    I wonder how the Cavs feel going out to get Shaq to deal w/ Howard....only to not happen. Man, the athletic, but unskilled big man is SOOOOOOO over rated.
  15. TylerRoseFan

    Sux can't even cook frozen pizza

    2.5 Add more cheese to cover poop flavor.
  16. TylerRoseFan

    <Snarky remark about random elected official>

    <you don't like obama policy because your racist.>
  17. TylerRoseFan

    <Snarky remark about random elected official>

  18. TylerRoseFan

    <Snarky remark about random elected official>

    <right hates minorities>
  19. TylerRoseFan

    """Official American Idol 9th Season"""

    44 millions votes does not mean 44 million voters voted.
  20. TylerRoseFan


    I'm going to read the book starting tonight.
  21. TylerRoseFan

    Striptease goes horribly wrong

    Which is why you don't wear white underwear.....
  22. TylerRoseFan

    Happy birthday CH

    Mrs TRF's b-day is manana.
  23. Wow. People are racist because they expect immigrants to be legal?
  24. I want some proof that I'm racist. Man, if you only knew my life....lol