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  1. redskin777

    Rice, Forte, Gore

    Non PPR....With Rice playing Pitt, I was thinking of starting Gore and Forte. Am I crazy?
  2. redskin777

    I'm here to help

    Who should I take at #1? Redraft, 12 teams, ppr! I'm leaning to AP due to his consistancy. But am looking at Rice too...
  3. redskin777

    PPR trade help

    go for it...i expect big things from forte this year.
  4. redskin777

    First Draft Ever

    Great Draft for first timer
  5. redskin777

    Rate My Team

    Good team
  6. Can someone please help me? Anyone? Will answer yours.
  7. redskin777

    Hillis or Blount?

    Hillis is a machine!
  8. redskin777


    Where did you draft?
  9. my league is a redraft with PPR. 12 teams.
  10. Are you nervous about his hamstring? That injury tends to linger.
  11. Who should I take? Peterson is so consistant but Foster may have a better upside.
  12. redskin777

    Who should I take at #1?

    It looks like there isn't a clear #1 pick. Should I try to trade down?
  13. redskin777

    Who should I take at #1?

    It is a 12 person league
  14. redskin777

    Who should I take at #1?

    Who should I take at #1? *1 pt per recpt *1 pt for 10 yds rush and rec *6 pt for td
  15. redskin777

    Forte, Best, Mathews, Spiller

    I am leaning towards Mathews and Best? Anyone think differently?