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    Dynasty league question

    As commish, its a pain to chase it. I usually turn OFF TRADE RIGHTS for anyone who still has players on IR. Turned on once IR cleared out
  2. I used to also frequent the FFTODAY board posts, and then a certain annoying someone made me want to rip my eyeballs out So, my gift to you: Click on your username on top right of the Forum Board --> Click on Ignore Users --> on ADD NEW USER TO IGNORE LIST type in "you know whose" name --> Click on every damn option it offers and Save You got your FFToday Board back Youre welcome and i will be running in the 2020 election. I approve this message
  3. fugoondo

    How to delete WeePaws, i mean IGNORE USERS

    My work is done here, i will be back again in 2024
  4. fugoondo

    How to delete WeePaws, i mean IGNORE USERS

    Merely an option my precious.
  5. fugoondo

    Is Full PPR Too Much Nowadays?

    im personally over full ppr .5 ppr sounds just about right. Catching a 1 yard catch shouldnt be the same as gaining 10 yards Im also a big proponent of points per carry to award bell cow backs. .2 points per carry
  6. fugoondo

    Who you Buying and who you selling?

    WeePaws, I think you should spend the summer trying to bring Christianity to a remote island tribe. My buys: QB: Darnold RB: Keith Ford Buf WR: Keke Coutee Texans TE: Chris Herndon Jets My sells: QB: Big Ben RB: Fournette WR: AJ Green TE: Kelce
  7. fugoondo

    Rookie Draft Rankings - Top 50

    One more question? You promise?
  8. fugoondo

    Tyler Eifert anyone?

    I just drafted Eifert, so i think hes gonna have a great season
  9. fugoondo

    Tyler Eifert anyone?

    Eifert owners will defend him Non-owners will pass/bash
  10. fugoondo

    2016 Off-Season Dynasty Trades

    24 Teamer...Full IDP I noticed that too. I thought BMarsh was older tooooo...and mike floyd seems like he should be 24
  11. fugoondo

    2016 Off-Season Dynasty Trades

    Team A Gives Michael Floyd, 2017 2nd round rookie pick Team B Gives Brandon Marshall, 2017 1st Round Rookie Pick, 1st Round Free Agent Pick Team B's best player is not officially Michael Floyd. WAS Brandon Marshall
  12. fugoondo

    Top 10 Rookies in 2016

    Corey Davis
  13. How many teams has Rotoworld ruined for u? Im finding to appreciate Rotoheads in my leagues, u see...I used to be one myself. Rotoworld blurbs out a news break, then proceeds to give their spin on it...more than likely a blip with the intention of keeping you hooked. Ryan Tannehill works out with Joe Montana, Dolphins expects exponential improvement in 2015. Rueben Randle caught 110 percent of passes that he caught. Knee-jerk reactions. They are so believably stupid...that they (Roto) has literally forced my fingers to click on trade offers that overpay for said knee-jerk. It was involuntary I tell u....Roto made me do it. Instead of just posting a news press, or a factoid....it gets all TMZ on your ass!! Then sometimes less than 24 hours later, they'll contradict their damn selves....but its tooo late! U already sent your 2016 1st and Matt Forte for Lorenzo Taliafarro Cant get those 3 seconds of your life back. Its been 363 days since my last Rotoworld inspired overpay Trade Offer, and Im no longer a Roto-Holic. But alas...i still find myself refreshing my RotoWorld app at every Red Light, or while my wife is talking about our future. Im onto you Rotoworld....please blip out something on Trent Richardson being RB1 in 2015 so i can receive 11 trade offers from the RotoGeeks in my leagues. Glad to be back to FFtoday...where common sense and moronic message board posters keep shiot real. Whose Frozen Beer Nuts breakout player this year?? Jimmy Garrapollo? Ill send you Jimmy for your 2016 1st FBN!
  14. fugoondo

    Zero RB Strategy in action

    How do you go "Zero Rb" and still end up with a crappy roster at QB, WR, TE, AND RB? Demeryus and Jordy better have the seasons of their lives!!!!!!!! You have 2 players who would pose ANY threat to your competition Cutler Gore, Pierce Demeryus, Jordy, VJax TE's you drafted...cant remember? Im not a RB guy either.....but if you go that route, you better have a serious advantage at the other positions. I give you an EPIC FAIL! Boom
  15. This Its Football. Only Rotisserie ur Chicken...not ur Fantasy Football league. How boring
  16. Put in David Wilson, benched Chris Givens Means Givens will go off...Wilson will continue to suck
  17. fugoondo

    David Wilson owners....unite!

    Sat him last week....but think of taking a blind leap of faith this week. Not that my other options are much better... Anyone else being an idiot like me?
  18. fugoondo

    David Wilson owners....unite!

    Welll Son of a $&!?%
  19. fugoondo

    Is it time?

    Most fantasy leagues have gone to the 16 week season, to obviously not impact the Leagues Championship game with NFL teams that have clinched a playoff berth holding out their starters. But the NFL has scheduled division games week 17, to try to hopefully force an important divisional game. Doesnt this open up week 17 for fantasy purposes? Just throwing it out there. Is it time to bring back the full 17 week fantasy schedule?
  20. fugoondo

    Could we have an fftoday league?

    You F'ers!! U gonna start the party without me? Save a spot for the Schmuckers!!!!!!!! Ill need to borrow the entry fee $ from one of ya...but ill pay u back with the championship winnings. Yewwww!
  21. fugoondo

    Is it time?

    "That being said, to the OP -- I hadn't realized that the league is consciously scheduling more division games for the last week, so it seems like something to monitor for this year and consider for future years. Because all things being equal, 17 weeks is more fun than 16 weeks. " Yupppppp.....u are catching what im throwing down. Exactly my point
  22. fugoondo

    Is it time?

    Guess not! LOL
  23. What u gonna do? Bradshaw limping in, David Wilson with the more upside. Wilson blew some blitz pickups or something, etc etc. UGH!!
  24. fugoondo

    Ahmad Bradshaw and David Wilson owners

    This is my only option as well. Grant, Bradshaw, or Wilson. Sweet Jesus
  25. fugoondo

    Alex Green Out

    Im actually considerring starting him over Bradshaw or D Wilson! At least i know Grant is starting, cant say the same for the Giants situation