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  1. D_House


    Stay classy, Geek Club.
  2. D_House

    Album Draft Playoffs: Round #2, Bracket #2

    bump. VOTE!
  3. D_House

    Album Draft Playoffs: Round #2, Bracket #2

    I went with team #1 (as the worse of the two). The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Doors albums cancelled each other out. Beyond those, team 10 had a bunch of picks I really liked - Exodus, Aenima, BloodSugar, Dirt, Wu-Tang. Those made up for the albums picked that I never heard (Manfred Mann, Sublime, Genesis). It's also a pretty well rounded list with a mix of genres. Team #1 picked artists that I know and like, but took albums that I think of as lesser works (Monster, Mellon Collie, All that You Can't Leave Behind). So, team 1 gets voted off.
  4. D_House

    Focking Monday morning Quarterbacks

    Shooter was Asian student
  5. D_House

    Ad campaigns that should be brought back?

    my first thought.
  6. D_House

    CNN reports 32 dead at VaTech

    lots of people doing the opposite as well. everyone needs to stfu and let the people at VT heal and figure out exactly wtf happened and why. fock these political agendas.
  7. D_House

    Focking Monday morning Quarterbacks

    Exactly. The right-to-owners and the gun control freaks are both also doing their part in making a mockery of this.
  8. D_House

    What the hell happened to this bored?

    it is fairly obvious he was referring to bubba. hth.
  9. D_House

    I have a question, and not to beat a dead horse...

    i assumed she/he/it came back as gutterslut.
  10. Wasn't this done in classrooms? You seriously think college kids should be bringing guns to class? Jesus. Some of you watch too many Westerns. This was a focking tragedy. Wait a day or two to make these asinine posts.
  11. D_House

    Album Draft Playoffs: Round #2, Bracket #1

    scooter, first off, thanks for running these polls. It's much appreciated. But, I think you shouldn't take kutulu so seriously. I could be wrong, but I don't think he really cares all that much, and is doing this just to get a rise out of you.