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  1. 12 Man league, full PPR, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex, 1 TE, 1 Kicker and 1 Def QB: Lamar Jackson and Ryan Tannehill RB: Kamara, Sanders, Gordon III, J Jacobs, L Bell WR: T Hill, Perriman, McLaurin, Washington TE: Kittle and Ertz DEF: Ravens
  2. shaabyi

    L Bell VS Steelers D

    Ok, we have all been waiting for this. Bell would love to knock out the Steelers from the playoffs, yet Steelers D has not given up a 100 rusher (nor has Bell gotten one.) Who wins? Bell or Steelers? Shaabyi
  3. shaabyi

    David Johnson Injury

    How bad is his back? Did anyone see the hit or if he kept playing?
  4. shaabyi

    KC RB's

    Assuming Thompson is #4, who is the back to have in KC right now. With injuries' and such it is hard to tell?? Damien, Darrel or McCoy??
  5. shaabyi

    Drake to Giants?

    Melvin trade to Giants??
  6. shaabyi

    Terry McLaurin

    Yes it’s the Bears, but I think he puts up WR2/3 numbers
  7. shaabyi

    Terry McLaurin

    I watched the game and his stats should have included another bomb TD but Case had a bad throw. What do you guys think? 1. The real deal 2. One week wonder Shaabyi
  8. Let's ask it a different way. AB is going around the same time as these guys. Which WR would you take? Antonio Brown Mike Evans TY Hilton Thielen K Allen
  9. shaabyi

    Cowboys Defense

    Giants and Redskins stink... that gives you four good weeks for sure.
  10. shaabyi

    CMC / Kamara .... not close

    Ok I have seen the debate who is better with those taking in the 3rd spot (assuming Barkley and Zeke go the first two). To me it not even close. 1. Sean Payton always uses at least two RB’s in the mix. Has for years. Even with Ingram gone, Kamara will not be a full work horse. 2. CMC only left the field maybe 30 plays total last year. i love both but CMC wins hands down. Thoughts?
  11. shaabyi

    who is the RB to own in Seattle

    Noone since Lynch.
  12. shaabyi

    David Johnson trade value

    Sent this trade. I give C Hogan, R Freeman and A Morris. He gives me D Johnson, C Ridley. I already have Gurley, D Cook, CMC and Conner. Johnson is backup. I think Johnson can still be a good RB2.
  13. Ok so we have all been talking about Bell coming back at all, week 10, week 12... or whenever. Old news right. Here is the discussion I would like to have: If Bell does not come back until late this year or at all, I do not see ANY team wanting to deal with the head ache. Yes someone might be willing to pay the $ for him, but if I was one of the other 31 owners in the league I would be thinking... even if I pay him the big Uhaul of cash he wants, what is stop him from pulling this stunt on our team the second year with us if he goes off the first year for them? My thought. Nobody wants him next year if he doesn't show up until week 10 or later because they don't want the attitude brought to their team. Bell loses again. Thoughts? Shaabyi
  14. shaabyi

    I am on an island on Dak Prescott

    I have an owner in my league who agree with you. His first two picks were Wilson and Dak. And no,... we do not play two QBs
  15. Not really worries about WR because I only need two of them to be active worthy. I can have my RBs be my two flex spots. Pretty sure it will be Cools, Edelman or Hogan. Moore, Goodwin and Gallup are hopeful in case someone gets hurt... rather when. All part of Fantasy Ball.