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  1. shaabyi

    Five Guys

    Seems biased
  2. shaabyi

    Five Guys

    For me if I had a late first round puck and took Kelce, I would have to take a RB in the 2nd.
  3. shaabyi

    Five Guys

    What are your five? I assume some of your 'guys' or usually being taken in the same round or ADP range?
  4. shaabyi

    Five Guys

    Man, quite a list Like and agree on the Stafford, M Williams, J WIlliams and R Gage take
  5. shaabyi

    Five Guys

    Mine are Najee Bobby Trees "Woods" Dionte Devonte Smith Bucs D
  6. shaabyi

    Five Guys

    SOlid list
  7. shaabyi

    Five Guys

    Not your top five picks, but five guys you want to leave the draft with. Some you might target in rounds 8, 11 or whatever.
  8. shaabyi

    Five Guys

    Good list. Burrow scares me a little. Has great targets, but division loaded with good defenses.
  9. shaabyi

    Five Guys

    Who are the five guys you are wanting to walk away with (targeting) from the draft and why?
  10. shaabyi

    Real PPR situation with CMC

    Sounds like CMC, Ridley and Najee is the way to go. Thank you for the feedback. AxeElf, Mahomes will be gone for sure so would you double Jefferson and Ridley skipping the RB's?
  11. shaabyi

    Real PPR situation with CMC

    So I have the first pick so going CMC obviously, but here is the big question since people debate PPR, Zero WR in the first few rounds, etc. Since we all know our leagues pretty well I can almost assure that this will be the two options coming back to me in round 2 and 3 in a 12 man league. Trust me these will be there. CMC, Ridley and Justin Jefferson or CMC, Najee and CEH. I would normally jump on the second option, but am I crazy not to take the first option in a full PPR league? Waiting until the turn in 4 and 5 the RB pool is much shallower. Shaabyi
  12. shaabyi

    Official Julio Jones Trade Rumors Thread

    GB! Adams and Julio... may let Aaron feel the love
  13. shaabyi

    Week 17 Bench List

    as the week goes on, this list will grow but as for now it appears this is the beginning: Maholmes Kelce Hill maybe steelers and bucs players? anybody heard anything.
  14. shaabyi

    Antonio Brown #58 ???

    I can see what you mean Weepaws, but Chiefs will lead this whole game so Carolina will have to throw a lot. Claypool can eat some nachos with the other WR's, Dallas is horrible. lol
  15. shaabyi

    Antonio Brown #58 ???

    I have Robby, Chark, Claypool, Brown. I get to play two. Pretty easy for me. Robby and Brown. Chark - new QB, could take a bit Claypool - COnner will run wild because you won't need to throw on Dallas to beat them