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  1. Mrs. Voltaire

    It’s another “You did it Friday”

    jerked off 4 dudes.
  2. Mrs. Voltaire


    I'm not a hater, just a skeptic
  3. Mrs. Voltaire


    No it won't, because you don't have the balls to stop replying. You're a poosy. And you'll be broke when bitcoin crashes. I feel sorry for your family. I'll take care of your wife and my kids when time comes.
  4. Mrs. Voltaire


    And when they are feeling insecure, they post links to articles supporting their argument.
  5. Mrs. Voltaire


    I'm just glad that financial institutions have never been wrong before, so we should be good to go here. TO THE MOON!
  6. Mrs. Voltaire


    This is just dumb. Even the whales that say bitcoin will double or triple acknowledge that it's a speculative play. There is nothing safe about it.
  7. Mrs. Voltaire


    For every Amazon there are 1000 pets.com. It's foolish to keep saying, "Well Amazon rose a gazllion percent so bitcoin will too". Amazon stock rose a gazillion because it's ownership of a company that makes billions of dollars. Oil is used to create energy. Gold/Paintings are beautiful. There is nothing that you can do with bitcoin, except sell it to someone else, or pay a mold inspector, but theoretically you can pay a mold inspector with anything he will accept, including a box of my sh!t if he finds it valuable. Investment bubbles exist. Some pop and never come back. Will bitcoin be worth $1M some day? Sure maybe. But it could also be worth $1.
  8. Mrs. Voltaire


    Oh that's right, you paid your mold inspector with bitcoin, it's gonna take over the world. also in retrospect, you probably paid $81K for a mold inspection.
  9. Mrs. Voltaire


    I never said bitcoin has no value you focking repeating piece of sh!t. It's clear that it's value today is $57K. It's value in 6 months could be $30K or $10K or $100K. I said it has no utility.
  10. Mrs. Voltaire


    When you bought a million shares of pets.com, it's gone. I'm not talking about buy QQQ you dummy. You really don't understand how money works, do you?
  11. Mrs. Voltaire


    No your mom is out, out of my house, I kicked her out this morning after I pink socked her.
  12. Mrs. Voltaire


    Ever hear of the dot com bubble in 2000? People were dumping money into companies that didn't do , and the stock prices kept going up, until people decided it wasn't worth it anymore, then it all crashed. Don't pretend that it can't happen.
  13. Mrs. Voltaire

    Recycling or Trash?

    your mom
  14. One plays football really good, the other does not.