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    Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, golfing. lots of beer. not necessarily in that order
  1. D'ohmer Simpson

    I'm out ... forever

    My negro Wut up Sux, how's the boards been? Been a while.
  2. D'ohmer Simpson

    I'm out ... forever

    Never say never
  3. D'ohmer Simpson

    Name a Poster who no longer posts here

    Rusty Syringes? Holy crap, I remember him. But wait, I can't be D'ohmer, Rusty and MikeFFToday. I'm just D'ohmer. Haven't been around much lately but got the urge to see what was happening.
  4. D'ohmer Simpson

    No threads on Dr. Laura's meltdown?

    Sup dude! Hey, congrats on winning GOTY. Think I could win it for 2010?
  5. D'ohmer Simpson

    No threads on Dr. Laura's meltdown?

    Um, wouldn't one of those Libertarians disagree with that?
  6. D'ohmer Simpson

    Unfortunately the damage is done

    Damb it, just when I was gonna make my comeback. Oh well, see y'all in a year or two.
  7. D'ohmer Simpson

    NL Gold Glove winners...

    To the World Champion Phillies
  8. D'ohmer Simpson

    Worst saying to come out the last few years

    Not for Nothing, but it is what it is. Just sayin is all, but not so much.
  9. D'ohmer Simpson

    Which is most likely to happen?

  10. D'ohmer Simpson

    Season Opener:

  11. D'ohmer Simpson

    Let's talk Packers

    Packers suck - 80 -
  12. D'ohmer Simpson

    Baseball Sucks

    In HD it ain't so bad!
  13. D'ohmer Simpson

    Heading to Philly

    Here, there, everywhere. Missed you guys, had some free time the other night sitting in a hotel room so I thought I would see what was going on.