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  1. BudBro

    Religious guys... How fervent are you?

    Culty seems like a good word for it. Ever been to a Kansas Jayhawks basketball game? Culty also applies. A Michael Jackson or Elvis concert? Same. The culty part of evangelicalism in the U.S. is the replacement of Jesus with Israel worship, based upon some various "end times" theories and teachings. It's part of what got Trump elected in that he promised to move the embassy to Jerusalem, as if that were to usher in a string of events that would benefit believers. The compiled bible we have teaches that the old covenant (Mosaic law) economy ended, whether one believes in Jesus as the Messiah or doesn't. Most of Israel doesn't believe that the Jesus of our bible was the Messiah. Even the Jewish leadership in that last generation of the disciples didn't believe He was their awaited Messiah, though the calendar and math should've told them otherwise. They are still awaiting another. All of Paul's writings in the bible speak to the fact that being an heir of Abraham was based upon faith and not upon cultural or dna heritage (not all Israel is Israel, Rom 9:6). The mystery of God was that Jews and Gentiles, alike, would be part of Abraham's "family" (Eph 3:3-4). The law of Moses was intended to bring the Israelites under sin, not to bring salvation. They wanted the keeping of the law to set them apart and make them the exclusive heirs of Abraham. That is still the case today. The law, instead, put them in the same position as Gentiles...all are "sinners" (Gal 3:21,22). The "last days" referred to the last days of the old covenant, temple economy. The temple system was the "wall" (for lack of a better word) that was keeping separation from the uniting of Jews and Gentiles. It's destruction was foretold in Luke 21 (Matt 24), and was the necessary catalyst to the coming of the new covenant kingdom (Rev 10:7, 11:13-15). Church has made it much like Plato and paganism in order to believe. It teaches about a God who is angry with people because they can't be obedient, so a sacrifice is needed. That's what all cults taught. So, a sacrifice was offered in the form of Jesus. The bible does affirm that Jesus was made the substitute, or propitiation, for sin (1 John 2:2). I don't want to gloss over that fact, or minimize it. He was the reconciliation with God for iniquity...the sacrifice necessary to confirm the Abrahamic covenant with all peoples. But, what does that do for us if we believe (have faith)? To say that it gets us into "heaven" as a reward is merely to paganize the sacrifice. All cults tried to appease the various angry gods with sacrifices so they could gain a reward...rain, love, fertility, whatever. Ours teaches it gets us "heaven," which it very well may. It seems, instead, to qualify those of faith for a vocation, a job. They are deemed the royal priesthood (1 Pet 2:9,10). The point of the priests was to bear the laments of the people to God, and to bear the image of God back to the people. What that means in the new covenant heavens and earth is that believers are to be more fully human In Christ...to be able to relate and to share in the sufferings of those in the world and pray those laments to God, then be the face of God back to that same hurting world.. I'm not sure it is to make believers more God-like, or them to act more holier-than-thou. But, to recognize the sufferings of Jesus in the sufferings of those born in His image, and to lament with them. A vocation (as a reward). How many "fervantly" share in the laments and sufferings of those in the world and take those to God? My $0.02. Peace!
  2. BudBro

    Hairicle Maintenance

    Wahl trimmer at Walgreens. $15. Great product. Don't buy that s**t Brett Farve promotes. https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/wahl-micro-groomsman-lithum-power-trimmer/ID=prod6184703-product
  3. BudBro

    Strength loss at the gym

    L-Citrulline also improved tolerance to severe-intensity exercise and increased the total amount of work completed in the exercise performance test. It's the precursor to nitric oxide.
  4. BudBro

    Transgender question. Help me out lefties.

    I believe the field of study is called epigenetics. Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene expression (active versus inactive genes) that do not involve changes to the underlying DNA sequence — a change in phenotype without a change in genotype — which in turn affects how cells read the genes.
  5. BudBro


    Govt is a consumer, not a provider.
  6. BudBro

    yay we can kill babies up until birth now

    You'd have to agree there are better birth control methods available than abortion.
  7. The token Indian for the left is making a financial killing robbing these activists of their "donations" from other liberal wannabe activists. Can't blame him for separating them from their money. This isn't his first headline in this regard. He shouldn't have said anything about vietnam, though. Sometimes it's just best to play agitator, hope nobody knocks out the tooth, take the check, and run along.
  8. BudBro

    NFL Conference Championships Thread

    Romo was a star those last few minutes. He set up every play for us, then walked us through them as they were taking place.
  9. BudBro

    Kamala Harris for President

    Harris' brother-in-law is Obama bundler Tony West, who worked in Eric Holder's DOJ. Holder's prior law firm was involved in the mortgage robo-signing fraud with the banks that illegally foreclosed on homes, yet somehow (wink, wink), he became Attorney General. Harris, as attorney general of CA, was part of a 50-state lawsuit filed against the banks involved in the robo-signing scam that garnered $25B in settlement monies, of which only $5B was paid out in cash. 750,000 home-owners were awarded $2,000. That is $1.5B. When a man at the 2016 California Democratic Party convention asked her, “How many bankers went to jail?” she said they did the best with what evidence there was. “I too, like most Americans, am frustrated. Clearly crimes occurred and people should go to jail,” she told the LA Times last year. “But we went where the evidence took us.” This demonstrably wasn’t always the case, however. Earlier this year, the Intercept obtained a 2013 memo to Harris from prosecutors in the attorney general’s office saying they had “uncovered evidence suggestive of widespread misconduct” at OneWest Best, and urging Harris to “conduct a full investigation of a national bank’s misconduct and provide a public accounting of what happened.” Yet Harris never did. (Coincidentally, Harris was the only Democratic Senate candidate in 2016 to get a donation from Steven Mnuchin, OneWest’s former CEO). Just more of the same people stealing from the treasury.
  10. BudBro

    Waylon Jennings question

    The side men all want to be front men and the front men all want to go home.
  11. BudBro

    What weird ass question would you ask god?

    I can't find it quickly, but I read a stat that said more people watch pro bowling than watch the wnba. The nba finances the wnba to keep it alive.
  12. BudBro

    Anyone have this card in their collection?

    The G. Wilkins pic has them playing the Twolves. Fox reporter says it was the 90-91 cards. https://www.tradingcarddb.com/GalleryT.cfm/tid/83/col/Y/yea/1990-91/New-York-Knicks?sYear=1990-91&sCardNum=&sNote=&sSetName=&sBrand=&PageIndex=2 the backs say they are copyrighted in 1990. The Kenny Walker has them at home against the Rockets, Anthony Bowie is in the pic, but he wasn't on the roster for the Rockets in 1990-91. The pic had to be taken during the 89-90 season. Those 2 pics and the schedule posted above would put these 2 cards on Nov 18 and Nov 21 of 1989. The murder date was Aug 20th, 1989.
  13. BudBro

    Anyone have this card in their collection?

    Since it appears you have the cards all together, do they look like all the Knicks players pics are taken in the same home game? Are there any that share the same details, which also show any fans of the opposing team?
  14. BudBro

    Old music ...add some more.

    this came up on the side of the youtube page...also good. We may need to start a favorite fishing vid thread.
  15. BudBro

    Old music ...add some more.

    Gerry Rafferty - look up this dude. He has a bunch of music we all know, but didn't know who it was.