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  1. Why would Taiwan want to talk to Pelosi? This whole thing seems strangely bizarre....and mostly contrived.
  2. BudBro

    its time to fertilize

    The BlueDef is 2.5 gal, so 7.5 applications (at 5 cups), for $16.
  3. BudBro

    Tip Question

    One fool on a stool. One drink to a hand. Anything you wanna tell me, I got no time for. Just order your drinks and make room for more.
  4. BudBro

    Monkey Pox- Doomsday

    SIGA had a nice market day. There are 4 or 5 pox providers the govt has invested in. Follow the crowd, make 20%.
  5. BudBro

    its time to fertilize

    BlueDef at Walmart is $16 for 7.5 pure nitrogen treatments on 5000 sq ft. $3 a treatment. Milorganite is $16+ per treatment. Just setting cash on fire.
  6. BudBro

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Brandon also referred to covid as "an epidemic of the unvaccinated."
  7. BudBro

    Year, make, model and miles on your daily driver

    1983 MB 300TD, 380k +/-
  8. BudBro

    Roe V Wade overturned!!! Leaked, SCOTUS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED

    Imagine being upset about babies living.
  9. BudBro

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    The protocol is a ventilator and Remdesivir. Surely, he will ask for his own protocol for treatment.
  10. BudBro

    Found the GC's Next Great Hope for President

    Daniel is a book in the bible that contains the prophecy of the arrival of Israel's Messiah by a countdown of years from the end of the captivity in Babylon. You referenced Jesus of Nazareth early in the post in a manner as if you have never worked out the math to see if it fits.
  11. Too much cheap money in circulation from printing money for 15 years. Look to the people paying for stupid s**t like cartoon nfts on the blockchain. Nothing has any value because money has no value. $6 for a coffee? A fool and his money are soon parted. Housing prices have skyrocketed, yet it's still the same house, while the wages to pay the debt on the house have not kept pace with house values. Even if the central bank bought bonds and lowered the cash in circulation, it will take a year to have any effect. MMT is just communist Keynesian economics rebranded. The govt is a consumer, not a producer. These fags just keep trying and trying to make Keynes work. It never has, nor will it ever. Stop voting for f*****g democrats!
  12. BudBro

    Found the GC's Next Great Hope for President

    and? Does the math in Daniel 9 not work out for you?
  13. BudBro

    Geeks with kids, especially sons

    Did this, too. When he got little league age, just let him go work foul balls. There is a guy on YT he would watch who taught how to be in the right spots. D2 college basketball games are fun, too. Inexpensive.
  14. BudBro

    ***Official*** 2022 NBA Playoffs thread

    Refs tried to keep the Heat in game 7 last night. The fix was in, but to no avail. The Heat can't throw a free throw in the ocean from the pier. Like watching Hillary lose to Trump.
  15. BudBro

    If Jesus was a Jew

    and the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch; before they were called among themselves, the disciples, brethren, believers, the church, &c. and by others the Nazarenes, and Galilaeans: whether this name of Christians, which comes from Christ, and signifies anointed ones, was given by their enemies, or their friends, by others, or themselves, is not certain, though it is most likely the latter; and it may be they hit upon this general appellation, ...upon the union of the Jews and Gentiles in one Gospel church state, and so happily buried the distinction of Jews and Gentiles, or those of the circumcision that believed, and those of the uncircumcision. Luke is particular in relating the affairs of this church, he being himself a native of this place. John of Antioch (o) gives an account of this matter in these words; "at the beginning of the reign of Claudius Caesar, ten years after Jesus Christ, our Lord and God, was ascended up into heaven, Evodus, the first after the Apostle Peter, being chosen bishop of Antioch, the great city of Syria, became a patriarch, and under him they were called Christians: for this same bishop, Evodus, conferring with them, put this name upon them, whereas before the Christians were called Nazarenes and Galilaeans.'' Epiphanius says (p), the disciples were called Jessaeans before they took the name of Christians first at Antioch: they were called Jessaeans, says he, I think, because of Jesse, seeing David was of Jesse, and Mary of David: and so the Scripture was fulfilled, in which the Lord says to David, of the fruit of thy body will I set upon thy throne, &c.--Or else, they were called Jessaeans from the name of Jesus our Lord; and refers the reader to a book of Philo's, written by him, concerning the Jessaeans, whom Epiphanitius takes to be Christians; but those that Philo (q) treats of were not Jessaeans, but Essaeans, and seem to be the same with the Essenes, who were not Christians, but a sect of the Jews. Nor do we ever find that the Christians were called by this name. ~ John Gill