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  1. they don't tee off until noon tomorrow....just sayin'
  2. patweisers44

    My son started kindergarten today

    Went from a colonial to a ranch. Don't hate stairs yet (I think we are close to the same age 'skids--51) but the time will come when I might. Rates have come down even in the year since we moved, so we are going from a 20 to a 15 with a tiny increase in payment. So shaving 4 years off the clock at basically the same payment. Also, stayed very close when we moved. My granddaughter, my son, and his girlfriend live about two blocks away which is super nice.
  3. patweisers44

    My son started kindergarten today

    We downsized a year ago, moved less than half a mile. Went from 5 br 3.5 bath to 3 & 2.5.
  4. patweisers44

    My son started kindergarten today

    according to google, did some more TV (Step by Step was another show she was on), some stage work, then on to UCLA and then law school in Cali somewhere. Practicing law under her real name, Anastasia Sagorsky. Great stripper name, btw.
  5. patweisers44

    My son started kindergarten today

    Fun times, enjoy them....they fly by so fast. My youngest graduated HS last year. For the first time in a LONG time I have zero kids doing the back to school thing this year.
  6. While we are at it, can we ban the phrase "Down Pat" ?? It frightens me and makes me seek a safe space.
  7. This is correct. She won the district that was held by John Conyers for years. The Black Caucus couldn't come up with one candidate so their 4 or 5 way split allowed this disgrace to win. If I had to guess, I think they rectify that next time the seat is up and Tlaib is one and done. Heck, It may even be another Conyers that takes the seat. ETA: Timmy Smith said pretty much the exact thing that I missed first time scrolling by.
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    Nothing worse than watching your guy making an out by hitting right into the shift, but that's just good defensive alignment. I don't see how you ban the shift. The beauty of baseball is that each park is different, and each batter can be played differently in the field.
  9. patweisers44

    Is there a way to stop the shootings?

    So basically the entire Geek Club is what you are saying?
  10. patweisers44

    Kids movie titles that would make a great pron

    Small Soldiers (for the Midget Pron Fans)
  11. patweisers44

    Deadspin, Why your team sucks Minnesota Vikings.

    Comment from the Lions (they aren't even worth posting the whole article): "F**k the Lions with Matt Patricia's pencil."
  12. patweisers44

    Olive Garden lifetime pasta

    If Evie's Tamales in SW Detroit was offering a lifetime pass, I know who would be all over it.
  13. patweisers44

    Top 20 Keyboard Intros of All Time

  14. patweisers44

    Wednesday non-political thread - IMDB synopsis

    Rob Roy
  15. patweisers44

    Top 20 Keyboard Intros of All Time

    Perfect Strangers and as much as I hate the song, The Final Countdown should have be on there. Whatever keyboard jam they used to play when the introduced the Bulls during the Jordan heyday was pretty bad ass too.
  16. patweisers44

    The 8 kinds of people that think smoking is cool.

    3. I love rolling by a hospital or a doctors office/clinic and seeing all the fat chicks in their scrubs hanging out in the designated smoking area. Its amazing that so many unhealthy people work in doctors offices.
  17. patweisers44

    Jeffery Epstein arrested

    Interesting. I think it wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, depending on who it is. Do these whispers mention anyone specifically?
  18. patweisers44

    Edex Cup IV - Nothern Trust Cluster Fock

    Tiger with the W/D. At this point he should just play the Majors...or maybe just The Masters. I hope he doesn't name himself to the Presidents Cup team, knowing that selfish he will though.
  19. patweisers44

    **Offical NCAA Football 2019-20**

    Michigan State will have a defense that could rival their 2013 one, which was really good. Offense was historically bad last year and not sure there is massive improvements on the horizon. I expect them win around 8 games, many of which will be of the 16-10 or 13-6 variety.
  20. patweisers44

    Edex Cup IV - Nothern Trust Cluster Fock

    Ok. Same drill as usual
  21. patweisers44

    Edex Cup IV - Nothern Trust Cluster Fock

    Cruz, I don't know if we had a wager or not. I am good either way. I have oosty already out there at -3 thru five holes , so if we wanna just scrap it for this event its cool.
  22. Of course "most popular" is a relative term.