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  1. 5 minutes ago, The Observer said:

    It's a no win situation for the DNC.  They are essentially held hostage by Sanders and the Bernie Bros. 

    I agree. They almost have to make him the nominee to keep the party from imploding. And the circus of the last 3 years hasn't helped. And it all could of been avoided if Hillary had made Bernie her running mate. I believe she would have won. I wouldn't have voted for that ticket myself, but I think it would have been hard to beat. 

  2. 1 minute ago, The Observer said:

    I think they thought they were cheated last time and they are already going into this election with the attitude that they either win the nomination or they were robbed. It's a foregone conclusion to them.  I touched upon it in the debate thread. I've already accepted that we'll have four more years of Trump.  Bernie will lose to him if he wins the nomination, and he will destroy the nominee's chances if he doesn't.  And it will be another vague, unproven claim that they were robbed that will be their excuse.

    I agree. That is how they will see it. And what do you think they will do? Become independents or join another party? The Dems have alienated the middle already. I have voted for 2 Republicans. Reagan and Trump. But now I'm a deplorable and a racist and whatever else they have called us. Do you really expect me to ever vote for any Dem again? It will never happen. If they lose Bernie's people, will the party survive? 

  3. 8 minutes ago, The Observer said:

    Define 'steal'.  He lost last time. It wasn't stolen. More voters voted for Hillary.  

    No. The fix was never in last time. I wonder if Bernie supporters feel he was given a fair chance at the nomination, because that's what matters. If they feel like he was cheated of the nomination this time, do you expect them to stay? 

  4. 1.01 Avoiding Injuries - Baltimore

    1.02 Utilit99 - Chicago

    1.03 Bostonlager Detriot

    1.04 HT - Philadelphia

    1.05 Titans - Memphis

    1.06 SAM - New Orleans

    1.07 KayJay - Oakland

    2.01 Utilit99 - Trenton

    2.02 Boston - Lager St. Louis

    2.03 KayJay - Boise. 

    2.04 SAM - Compton

  5. On 2/17/2020 at 9:26 AM, avoiding injuries said:

    They could have a ticker at the bottom of the screen scrolling with different cities and their murder count for the year. White people could turn it into a fantasy sports game. 

    I’ll take Baltimore with my #1 pick. 

    1.02 New Orleans. 

  6. 2 hours ago, The Observer said:

    Yet you can't dispute a single thing I said.  

    I'll add a few more Hitleresque things Trump is doing...

    Attacking anyone who disagrees with him. Retribution against anyone who dares speak the truth (Vindman, Sondland, Romney) Dems. They are even eating thier own.

    Using his power to investigate against perceived enemies (Comey, Biden) Russian investigation. Impeachment that when they saw it was going to fail, they waited a month to send to the Senate buying time to come up with the next plan.

    Using same power to free those who perform crimes with/for him. Biden blackmailing a country to protect his son is totally ignored. 


    Open your eyes.  I understand your reluctance to reply to me because I speak a truth that you want to bury your head against. Calling it stupid doesn't change that fact. hth Kettle.