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  1. https://www.cnn.com/videos/tv/2019/10/26/exp-scientology-buys-most-of-downtown-clearwater-florida.cnn
  2. They own a lot of downtown Clearwater. They have bought some of the old cigar factories in Tampa and turned them into recruiting centers. I would expect that the same is true in other cities.
  3. Secret Asian Man

    This Rook Rike Job for Geeks

  4. Secret Asian Man

    Dress shirts

    I wear dress shirts and sports coats. There is a Dillards Outlet right down the road from my job. I get most of my stuff there. The prices are just unbelievable.
  5. And they think we should listen to them.
  6. Those disguises that the Chick Fil A cows are using are getting really good.
  7. Secret Asian Man

    Peenie, have you ever heard of peenie?

    Get some Austlarian Gold fo those white regs of yours.
  8. Secret Asian Man

    Xfl tomorrow....whose gonna give it a quarter?

    I gave it one drive for each team. When the Vipers threw an interception in the end zone in their first drive I turned it off. I watched Shamus do that 30 times last season. That was enough.
  9. Then TEK can add to bag he threaten to smother people with.
  10. I can identify as Joe Flazier but Mike Tyson would stirr kick my ass.
  11. Secret Asian Man

    They call it a Caucus for good reason

    Is it in yet?
  12. You on Isrand. Unress Blooke Sheilds show up, do them both.
  13. Secret Asian Man

    They call it a Caucus for good reason

    What dat? You say you give me the crap?
  14. Secret Asian Man

    They call it a Caucus for good reason

    Reary? We didn't notice.
  15. Secret Asian Man

    Black History Month Bios and Stuff

    The Rone Langer was based on Bass Reeves. He was bad ass. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bass_Reeves
  16. Secret Asian Man

    Name a Sub you frequently checkout

    I go to Roast Me. I ripped a guy so bad he deleted his roast me. Good training here at the GC.
  17. She didn't sing the only song I know by her.
  18. They were coal miners?