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  1. That should make it arr the mole obvious who it is.
  2. Skids! How it hang?
  3. That sound more rike Pakistani name than Asian.
  4. You shourd be ashame!
  5. Secret Asian Man

    I Wore A Butt Plug For 5 Days

    If tlee faw in woods and no one there, does butt prug pop out?
  6. Secret Asian Man

    It’s okay to be white

    Dis tlue. I just make masterpiece in toiret.
  7. Secret Asian Man

    Straight Pride Parade is tomorrow! August 31

    Super Bowl Victory Parade
  8. Secret Asian Man

    This place is dead today.

    You blackristed flom Hopsings. You name names.
  9. Secret Asian Man

    Andrew Luck Retiring?

    Swearengen! He/him cocsucker! Or is it him/he? Rike engrish not clazy ‘nuf, now fockers add this he/him pile of panda $hit.
  10. Secret Asian Man

    College football fans who don’t have a local team

    Need new teams in game. Peopre say, "Who you want win?" I say "Crimson." They say. "Oh the Crimson Tide?" I say, "No. Not Clemson Tide. Crimson!" I hope Duke win next year. No Ls or Rs.
  11. Secret Asian Man

    My son started kindergarten today

    He doctor yet? You post when he doctor.
  12. Secret Asian Man

    How much is seeing in color worth to you?

  13. Secret Asian Man

    Is there a way to stop the shootings?

    You need geofence alound flidge fatty.
  14. Secret Asian Man

    Holy Crap This Forum Still Exists!

    You here two day now. You go home.
  15. Secret Asian Man

    What are today's headlines please?

    Meth gators to protect Area 51.
  16. Secret Asian Man

    Wall Street Rule for the #MeToo Era: Avoid Women at All Cost

    Just too razy to change over.
  17. Secret Asian Man

    Is it racist to hate Canadians?

  18. Secret Asian Man

    Is it racist to hate Canadians?

    Such as?
  19. Secret Asian Man

    Enough with the focking fireworks!!!!

    Dat our job!
  20. Secret Asian Man

    Rook at me

    I as herpress as kitten up twee. Or in shwimp saucey.
  21. Secret Asian Man

    Putin: Western liberalism "eating itself"

    Show me the Newbie!