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  1. brinett9

    More Demwit hypocrisy. Sheryl Crowe style.

    me likee.
  2. brinett9

    Oscar De La Hoya Vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr

    Anyone remember the Ward vs. Gatti fights? Best boxing evah.
  3. brinett9

    Oscar De La Hoya Vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr

    both these guys are entertaining boxers who give the fans a good time, even if they are well past their prime. sounds like a great matchup.
  4. brinett9

    Super Mario Brothers - the perfect game

    well, we know what someone was doing while others were going to college, getting laid, getting a job, buying a house, and all that other stupid stuff.
  5. brinett9

    Meeting etiquette

    You can mention it the next time your company does a "360 degree review." Oh wait, those are either totally ignored or used only to fire wisenheimer underlings. Never mind.
  6. i'd go with a full-out pink Hello Kitty.
  7. it's not Hello Kitty gay. but it is leather bar gay.
  8. close call, but the decorative edge pushes it over the gay event horizon.
  9. it's all in the color. black, dark blue, dark green, brown = okay. powder blue, pink, red, yellow = gay.
  10. brinett9

    Friday random insult thread

    why don't you stand up for a while. you're making a puddle.
  11. brinett9

    Friday random insult thread

    jesus. you meet someone who's still shakin'. next thing you know they've got 2 years! friggin' amazing.
  12. brinett9

    Friday random insult thread

    speaking of which, you doing okay, sa? it's been a long time since we first talked. what, two years?
  13. brinett9

    Teens and Sex

    eenie, meenie, miney, moe. you! put your miniskirt back on and get the HELL out of here!
  14. brinett9

    Friday random insult thread

    it's an old AA joke.
  15. brinett9

    Friday random insult thread

    sawilson found a lamp washed up on the beach and rubbed it. a genie popped out and granted her three wishes. she said, "i wish i would never run out of whiskey." poof! a whiskey bottle appears in her hand. she opens it and drinks the whole thing down. as she looks at the empty bottle, it magically fills to the top in the blink of an eye. "and what about your remaining wishes?", the genie asks. sawilson replies, "i'll have two more of these."