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  1. Eminem is a stud and should be in some Hall of Fame. But the "rock n roll" hall of fame has become a joke. Might as well change it to "famous people who sang some genre hall of fame". Stupid.
  2. smashmouths@blf

    Looks like I'm getting a divorce

    T's & P's
  3. smashmouths@blf

    Force Feeding Doug Martin

    Wow. One game against an awesome run D. You guys give up pretty easy.
  4. smashmouths@blf

    Girls you used to love, now old

    Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman.
  5. smashmouths@blf

    Bye Gents

  6. smashmouths@blf

    Giants fan

    Is dead?
  7. smashmouths@blf

    My Trip to Cici's Pizza

    So what you guys are saying is that Ci Ci's pizza is the suck?????
  8. smashmouths@blf

    Majority/Majority- You like Alba.

    Jessica? Yes.
  9. smashmouths@blf

    Peer to Peer Poker

    Another idea? Queer to Queer poker. Get a couple of the gheys to play an exciting game(s). Whoever wins gets to be the "pitcher" and whoever loses the "catcher".
  10. smashmouths@blf

    What's your pron name?

    Glenn Rosewood-with emphasis on the "wood".
  11. smashmouths@blf

    Athletes you hate that you hated?

    I agree with you. I do wonder if Jeter would be as revered if say he played for the Royals or Astros. He has great career numbers but he also had a number of mediocre seasons. As for ARod? I will always hate that hairdo.
  12. smashmouths@blf

    Kate Upton's Vagina

    I hope you're right. Let's check back in 15-20 years.
  13. smashmouths@blf

    I'm a selfish pr!ck

    My advice. Go and spend Fathers Day with her dad. This will show your wife and your kids that you are unselfish even on a day designated for you, the Dad. This is what makes you a great Dad and husband. Trust me, your wife and kids will take note. I've been in your position and as hard as it is, you're doing the right thing by putting your wife's needs ahead of yours even on Fathers Day.
  14. smashmouths@blf

    Kate Upton's Vagina

    Every time I see her, I'm reminded of Anna Nicole Smith. I see a train wreck in her future.