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  1. harken34

    Check out my roster..advice please

    I would drop Housh and Miller and get a good RB. All of the ones on your team suck. Than get $1 TE and what ever is left get a middle WR.
  2. harken34

    PPR league trade advice

    Yes. Do it.
  3. harken34

    keeper league pick 1 please!

    LT and hope he stays healthly.
  4. harken34

    which teams stand out ?

    I like Up and Smoke the best.
  5. harken34

    Drafted from the 10 spot in a PPR 12 team redraft

    Weak at QB. But you will be able to trade a RB or WR for one. Your stack at both QB and RB. I'd say good draft for not being there live.
  6. harken34

    picking 6th in a PPR league

    I like LT better than all three. But if I had to pick out of those three. I'd say D.WILL
  7. harken34

    Keeper QB (Warner, Brees, Brady)

    1st of all. How the hell did you get all three? I would keep Warner. His stats will be a little under those guys but not much. And you give up a 6rd pick. Use your 2nd on a RB or WR.
  8. harken34

    Rank My PPR Team

    Not bad. Olsen was way to early. Harvin was a steal.
  9. harken34

    Pick one

  10. harken34

    Keeper Help

  11. harken34

    Keeper Question

  12. harken34

    Keep Plaxico?