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  1. Ironmen

    Tampa Tom

    Like I wrote around 69 days ago and you keep proving it...trolls will be trolls.
  2. Ironmen

    Saints at Buccaneers: SNF Discussion

    Too many cervezas?
  3. Ironmen

    Tampa Tom

    I think we are witnessing the GOAT implode. or Torch being passed...unwillingly. Something else recently reminds me of this...just cant put my finger on it....LOL
  4. Ironmen

    Never bench your studs

    My opponent this week has put Mahomes on his bench and activated Wentz.
  5. Ironmen

    Do you trust Zeke

    Sure...why not? First time I have had him on my squad...hell I would loan him my Maserati Mc12 Forza...if I had one.
  6. Ironmen

    Tampa Tom

    Yeah for sure...had I wrote: "Looked young, fast & lucid" Now that would be a fantasy statement.
  7. Ironmen

    Any Word On James Conner's Injury?

    JC is ready. https://www.donjoyperformance.com/bionic-ankle-brace
  8. Ironmen

    Browns sign Hunt to 2-yr extenstion

    AxeElf nails it again
  9. Ironmen

    Tampa Tom

    Love ya brother....but good luck with that! Still plenty time left before trade deadline...maybe they make a run at...Jameis?
  10. Ironmen

    Tampa Tom

    Looked old, slow, confused.in first half. Oh yeah...that is Brady.
  11. Ironmen

    Bold Predictions

    Focus...back to the Bold Predictions; NFL 2020 Season Canceled Brady Retires Belichick Fired Brady New HC Pats
  12. Ironmen

    Name the redskins

    Swamp Hogs
  13. Ironmen

    Stupid Fantasy Moves I Did Last Year

    Waiting to round 3 to draft a RB thinking the A Jones would be a steal and produce true RB1 numbers all season long. What was I thinking???LOL
  14. Ironmen

    2020 Projections & Rankings

    3 hours ago, RedzoneMonster said: I know I’m old school, but I think ppr is stupid. Why should just catching a ball, even without any yards gained, count as a point? Should kickers get a point for just kicking the ball, even if they miss the FG? Should RBs get a point for a carry that went for negative yards? Yeah all great reasons that ppr sux...but the thing that is most annoying to me is even if the catch goes for neg yards....give the man a point.....BSCRAP
  15. Ironmen

    2020 June Mock- Picks by Round

    Nice work guys!