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  1. Ironmen

    Kaepernick getting a workout on Saturday

    Seriously....and then Garret would never have been able to pull Kaps helmet off with that funky fro bro man sports.
  2. Ironmen

    Kaepernick getting a workout on Saturday

    Kaepernick's name is being tossed around in Cincy, apparently Andy Dalton threw it so it was immediately intercepted.
  3. Ironmen

    Last chance to grab Aaron jones.

    At the season’s halfway point, Jones is on pace for 1,642 total yards and 22 TDs. He's due for some touchdown regression, but Jones should set career highs across the board if he can stay healthy. Sounds like a true high end RB1 to me....yes Jones has had a few subpar games and so have Cook and McCaffery.
  4. There isn't a team in my league that drafted a QB in RD12 or beyond who is delivering close to what you outlined. Although....I do understand the point you are making.
  5. Value pick D Watson....got him RD 4 and his ADP was 4.02 in 12 team formats going into the draft' Top overall FF points thru week 8 in my and many other leagues....so yeah he is my pick for best value at the 1/2 way point. Some (or one) on this forum may disagree as he has had a few sub par weeks...making him a true QB2 LMAO!
  6. Ironmen

    Last chance to grab Aaron jones.

    No English major here but....... Someone that can use comma's so precisely must be alright! Que pasa, amigo?
  7. Kamara may play but not been putting up Kamara type numbers so far this season and now dealing with dreaded SAS. Last few seasons Kamara was at best with Ingram getting like 40% of the work...could we be looking at a spilt moving forward between Lat and Kamara? I am thinking probably so.
  8. Ironmen

    Good trade....I hope

    Pretty even….Chubb for Carson I just traded for Chubb and am sitting at 6-1….I am stacked at WR and needed another RB1 for playoff push....sent Julio for Chubb..so my big five now: Watson Hopkins Godwin AJones Chubb
  9. Ironmen

    What is your favorite play in football?

    The immaculate reception.
  10. Ironmen

    Zeke Signed!!!

    50 mil guaranteed....sounds like a injury waiting to happen.
  11. Ironmen

    Champ Game Week Weather

  12. Ironmen

    C.W. Weather

  13. Ironmen

    Zuerlein to IR!

  14. Ironmen


    Bryant showing signs of stud status...