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  1. Only needed 1. Antonio Brown requested his release from the Raiders in his most-recent Instagram post. Brown's post started with the quote, "You are gonna piss a lot of people off when you start doing what's best for you." He then made a few other notes about not wishing to conform to the system before eventually requesting his release from the Raiders. The post comes on the heels of a cryptic YouTube video that included a seemingly private phone conversation between Brown and coach Jon Gruden. The Raiders said Friday that the plan was for AB to suit up Monday night against the Broncos, but this clearly remains a volatile situation. SOURCE: Albert Breer on Twitter. Sep 7, 2019, 9:11 AM ET
  2. Unfollowed Carr and the Raiders on IG. That doesn't sound like hes ready to apologize.
  3. rosslive99

    ++ Update: Arian Foster out for the season

    John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports Arian Foster may need surgery to correct his back problems. Foster is in the process of consulting "two or three specialists" to determine his best course of action. The Texans' season is lost at 2-6, so it isn't like they'll be pushing hard for Foster to return this year. McClain notes that the potential surgery would end Foster's season. Banged-up Ben Tate projects as Houston's starting tailback moving forward. Dennis Johnson is No. 2. Might be out longer than this week...
  4. rosslive99

    T-Richardson just doesn't look special

    Man With Ridley on bye this week I'm having to decide between Him, Andre Brown, and Tolbert as an RB2 in a must win game...this would make it easy for me. However I read an earlier report on Rotoworld that Trich would be active even though he was out of practice...I think they know they need to put Brown in and are struggling with knowing what they "should" do and how terrible it will look for the trade they did if they do start Brown over him.
  5. Hey are there any Cincy homers who can shed some light on what's going on with Jermaine Gresham? Rotoworld is saying a groin issue and he was out today. Does it sound serious> I would really like to plug Eifert in this week, thinking he could put up TE1 numbers if he had all the reps to himself. Jermaine Gresham (groin) was downgraded to "out" in Thursday's practice. It's a concern after Gresham was limited in Wednesday's session. It's a likely indication Gresham suffered the injury in practice. Mid-week downgrades are often a sign a player won't suit up for Sunday, but it's still possible Cincinnati is just managing Gresham's reps. His status will be updated on Friday. Tyler Eifert would be a borderline TE1 if Gresham couldn't go for Week 10. Related: Tyler Eifert Source: Geoff Hobson on Twitter Nov 7 - 1:43 PM
  6. Mason owners are we sure we need to abandon Crosby yet? Can anyone envision a situation where the Packer offense takes a hit with Rodgers out, but maybe it just translates to less TD's, and more FGs? They did state that Seneca wasn't even on the roster in preseason, I think with some practice time he's more than capable of at least moving the ball well enough to get them in FG range...thoughts?
  7. rosslive99

    Cole Beasley..... the next ppr stud

    Ok as a Cowboy fan and someone who plays in FFPC with deep rosters and PPR. I'm adding him with confidence. Next PPR stud? I won't go so far as to say "stud" but I think he will be steady moving forward. They are kinda moving on from Miles. I mean he's healthy enough to play and theres talk locally they are just gonna sit him anyway cause of how good Terrance and Beasley have played. So between Miles being in and out of the lineup, Murray being in and out of the lineup, the opportunity will be there I believe. Now as far as what we can expect from him as far as numbers wise, hes been Romo's guy on third down the last couple of weeks, I don't know the exact numbers but he's been heavily targeted on 3rd down ala Wes Welker. His lone touchdown actually came on a short out route inside the 10 yard line against Denver I believe, so he does get used inside the goaline. I would expect him to get more looks moving forward that way given his skill set of being so quick in tight spaces. All in all stud? no. Steady consistent 5-6 catches with a potential TD sprinkled in? Yes. 12 team PPR leagues he could be spot started in games where the matchup looks like a high scoring game. This week I would think that fits the bill. Finally I leave you with this...relevant? No but it is impressive for a 5'8 white guy lol
  8. rosslive99

    Anyone else skiddish on AP 1st overall?

    Not sure what all the hate is about lol its a very reputable website, if you look in the projections and stuff on this site you can actually sort the scoring system to this particular leagues settings.
  9. rosslive99

    Anyone else skiddish on AP 1st overall?

    Main event is 1500...but they have satellites that run anywhere from 77 up to 350. The donald trump Elite leagues as you put it are 5k and 10k...not quite ready for those yet tho haha
  10. rosslive99

    Anyone else skiddish on AP 1st overall?

    Because of no trading?? I love fantasy football, I play to win money doing something I love...its fun for me.
  11. rosslive99

    Anyone else skiddish on AP 1st overall?

    Nah its just highstakes online, too much money involved to chance it.
  12. rosslive99

    Anyone else skiddish on AP 1st overall?

    OK I'm not sure you said anything different than what I did except you brought value into the discussion. Which is absurd because its extremely difficult to get proper value from the #1 pick because you have about a 1/20 shot to actually pick the player who finishes number 1 in overall points, which would be the only player you could select justifiably and claim you got the value you required out of it because he performed in line with the pick. Its far easier to talk about value with say guys you take in the 7th round cause even if they perform slightly better than that ADP in line with say guys from the 6th round you can make the declaration you got good value. Its next to impossible to say that with the number 1 pick because 9 out of 10 times you're more than likely gonna see someone taken after you finish better. So again as I stated above, your goal should not be to pick the player you think is going to finish 1st overall, you should pick the player you have the least amount of questions and worry with, and then move on. If he ends up at the end of the year number 1 overall, parlay that luck and go play the lottery, if he ends up in the top 5 I would say you made a great choice, top 10 still a good choice. But to argue against taking AP first cause you aren't sure hes gonna finish number 1 and then turn around and select another RB that has just as much a chance as finishing not number 1 is kinda silly. As far as trading my leagues don't allow it as to avoid collusion, but if people are that scared of just making a gut call and picking the player they like the most they need to trade out of the pick so people can help make the decision for them...to each is own I guess.
  13. rosslive99

    Anyone else skiddish on AP 1st overall?

    So if you have a number 1 pick are you trying to take who you think is the best player or who is gonna finish number 1 at their position? If you are trying to do the latter I feel sorry for you, and I think that's a very daunting task to try and take on. I have a 1 pick coincidentally and I'm taking AP without question. I'm not taking him expecting him to break 2k yards again, I'm not even taking him expecting him to be number 1 again. I'm taking him because he is the only RB out of the top grouping with consistent but huge production and no question marks. I love all the other guys, Martin, Spiller, Charles, Foster. But Martin is a second year player, can you seriously just pencil him in for the same production. This is the first time Spiller has ever been a starting bell cow back, can he handle it? Charles is in a new system and Foster's numbers have consistently gone down the last few years. Having said that does that mean that all these things are going to lead to their demise and they will be horrible, ofcourse not. AP has been doing this for several years at a high level in the same system he's comfortable in and with a couple of better players around him. If anything shouldn't that help him? But lets quantify this, he's got Greg Jennings, Kyle Rudolph, and Jerome Simpson...lets not act like this is Denver and the talent thats over there. I think with the number 1 pick your goal should be to take the player you feel most confident about, not who has the highest ceiling, thats what picks 2 through 15 are for.
  14. Per ESPN's Adam Schefter, doctors still expect Nelson to be back for Week 1. The surgery was an attempt to correct an old nerve issue that has bothered him since college. Nelson did miss four games last year and was limited in a handful of others, but that was due to hamstring and ankle issues. He hasn't had any known knee problem since 2009. Regardless, Nelson now appears highly unlikely to hit the ground running even if he does suit up against the Niners on Sept. 8. Randall Cobb, James Jones and Jermichael Finley all get a boost. Jarrett Boykin is the leading candidate to step into Nelson's spot in three-wide formations. Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter Aug 6 - 12:20 PM
  15. rosslive99

    When do you start drafting?

    I'm gonna offer a flip side to the coin. A positive, albeit riskier, reason to draft earlier is so you can get guys to fall to you in parts of the draft that you won't be able to once the season gets here and the hype trains begin to roll. Now for me I do alot of my drafting closer to the beginning of the season, because like its been mentioned I like to know about as many injuries as possible ect before I draft. However I have done a couple of drafts already. And going back to my point above, I was able to snag MJD as my 3rd RB in the middle 3rd due to the uncertainty with his health. However I've been able to watch a few drafts these last few nights, and with news of him being cleared for camp, hes now going late second. Just something else to think about