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  1. bonkbonk

    Your first ever fantasy football pick

    Micheal Jackson and Vinny testaverde at the turn
  2. bonkbonk

    Doug's Top 50 Rookie Rankings

    This is a deep class. Every year people say weak class, traded for next years picks. Every year studs emerge. Nice list as always
  3. bonkbonk

    Regression Candidates - RBs/WRs/TEs

    I always consider FFtoday as my fantasy home. Thoughtful and intelligent analysis like this is the reason.
  4. You posted a link from a supplement web site.
  5. Always remember, you are putting your trust and emphatic blind faith in an idiot. If you ever have grandkids and they ask you about Trump. Best to just lie and say you never liked him.
  6. Just remember, every time you defend Trump and parrot this administrations seriously flawed talking points, you are line stepping with an idiot. As you sit half exposed, from your slimy hole and bluster away, your false bravado and fear is evident. Your idol is crumbling before your eyes. The lies and deceit are palpable to even the lowest of mouth breathers. Slowly slither back into your holes and please let the country get back to a normal discourse with the world. Your vile hate and blind loyalty are not making the country great. Please poo in your holes. Leave the country alone.
  7. bonkbonk

    Stormy lawyer got wrong Cohen...oops

    You might. But my vacation home is nicer then yours.
  8. bonkbonk

    Stormy lawyer got wrong Cohen...oops

    A misspelled word is the comeback? Misguided belief in a loser is now your guys lifestyle. Just keep blindly following a criminal. Nothing I say or you say well change our positions. But at least I'm not defending a dude that won't even finish his first term. We can revisit all this when its said and done. Ill eat crow if I am wrong. You guys won't. You'll peep your head out your grimy hole and spout more BS. Have fun on the wrong side of history.
  9. bonkbonk

    Stormy lawyer got wrong Cohen...oops

    Nice circle jerk. You guys are in love with an idiot. Soon your fringe voices well start to fade as you crawl back into your holes. Just always remember you follow a bigot and a lier. It reflects badly on you.
  10. bonkbonk

    Steelers trade Martavis Bryant to Raiders

    This is a great move if Bryant shows up with his big boy pants on. Think this lowers numbers for Cooper and Jordy. It should help out the run game. He thinks he's a true WR1. Now or never
  11. bonkbonk

    Trump - Fox & Friends

    Just watched it. He admitted that Cohen represented him for the Stormie Daniels thing. He basically just lost the Daniels defamation case and proved he's a lying immoral man. You don't even have try with Trump. Just let him talk and he incriminates himself. Please always remember, you admire and dote over an idiot.
  12. bonkbonk

    Food you like to eat

    Kimchi. Spicy funky goodness