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  1. Ok, so TE has been my weak position to this point and I was just offered a trade for Darren Waller (LV). My Team is: QB: Russell Wilson / Tom Brady RB: Josh Jacobs / Jonathan Taylor / Ronald Jones / Devin Singletary / Zach Moss / Nyheim Hines WR: Adam Theilan / DK Metcalf / Terry McLaurin / Marquise Brown TE: Evan Engram PK: (who really cares) DST: Pittsburgh I was sent 2 offers: (1) Darren Waller for Tom Brady and Terry McLaurin or (2) Darren Waller and Joshua Kelly for Tom Brady, Marquise Brown and Ronald Jones Looking for input - would you make the trade for Waller and if so, which offer? It seems like alot to part with for Waller, but it certainly would solidify my TE production.
  2. bjengel

    2013 Help - Can't Compile Cheatsheets?

    Thanks Mike - it's working!!!.............. great job and way to jump right into it and take care of the issue. Awesome job as always - that's why I keep purchasing year after year.......
  3. bjengel

    2013 Help - Can't Compile Cheatsheets?

    I just e-mailed it over to you........................ hopefully it is a simple fix (and more than likely something stupid on my part) :-) Thank you!!
  4. bjengel

    2013 Help - Can't Compile Cheatsheets?

    Mike, I deleted the file completely, went to the download page again and re-downloaded it a second time................. went through and input all my scoring and info again and still getting the same error message. I hit the "compile cheatsheet" button when I first downloaded the file (before I input my scoring and info) and it worked fine................. but now after I put in my info and scoring, it does not - it must be something to do with the scoring setup or info that I input into one of the tabs....
  5. bjengel

    2013 Help - Can't Compile Cheatsheets?

    I'm not running anything fancy.................... I'm running plain old Microsoft Windows XP w/ Microsoft Office 2007
  6. Mike, I just went through and downloaded the file, input all my scoring, info, etc and went to "compile cheatsheets" and I get the following error: Run-time error '1004': Select method of Range class failed any ideas?
  7. bjengel

    Draft Buddy 2013

    Only 4 more months away :wall: :wall: What the heck am I going to do until then
  8. bjengel

    2012 Draft Buddy

    How about a Ipad compatible version??? (oh please)
  9. bjengel

    Lee Evans > Baltimore

    That is my point - without Mason and Heap there to be Flacco's underneath dump-off player, that job will be filled by Rice (ie: more catches and receiving yards). As for Lee Evans, and the fact that he "kinda sucks" - nobody is saying he will be a stud, but as you stated, he is better than what they had at the #2 spot and he is a proven deep threat at the WR spot, which will force defenses to back up on their heels a bit and that gives Rice more room to work underneath (either rushing or receiving)...
  10. bjengel

    Lee Evans > Baltimore

    I agree also - I have Rice in my keeper league and I just couldn't be any more excited about him this year than what I currently am: - Lee Evans & Anquan Boldin pulling the defense deep and spreading them out. - Vontae Leach is a beast as a leading fullback - should open huge holes for Rice. - Also, Todd Heap is gone, so Rice gets more underneath receptions..... - Baltimore coming out yesterday saying that Rice is going to be getting goal-line carries (not Ricky Williams) I think Rice is in line for a monster year!!!
  11. bjengel

    Resolved - Error: Update Projections Button

    Mike, - I have Excel 2007, so I don't think that is it (unless there is some setting or something within Excel causing me the headache) I e-mailed over to you my copy of the compiler if you wanted to check it out - I'm not sure if it is something I maybe did when I set up my league scoring options, etc. (my keeper/auction league has really funky scoring).
  12. bjengel

    Resolved - Error: Update Projections Button

    Mike, - I did it both ways and got the same problem: First - I clicked on the "check for update" button and the box pops up saying there is a update, would you like to download it. I clicked "YES" and then the error box popped up. Second - I clicked the "NO" box when it asked if I wanted to download the update and then just clicked on the "Update Projections" box by itself and the same error box popped up.
  13. Mike, - I just sent you a e-mail........... I just went through and put in my scoring info, league setup info, etc and got all the way to the "action" tab. I compiled my cheatsheets and that worked fine, but when I clicked on the "update projections" button, the following error occurred: Run-Time Error '1004' Select Method of Worksheet Class Failed. any idea???
  14. bjengel

    2011 Cheatsheet Compiler

    If I wasn't the first one to purchase this year's version, I had to be pretty darn close!!!!! :banana: :banana: Thanks Mike!!!
  15. bjengel

    2011 Cheatsheet Compiler

    any update?