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  1. fatguylittlecoat

    Axe Elf Guides Your Draft

    Chargers offensive coordinator is Joe Lombardi, he's in a great spot to succeed. I hope Chargers deals one of their RB's to Rams..,. that would be wonderful for Ekeler.
  2. fatguylittlecoat

    Have WR's Replaced RB's as Must Haves?

    Top back like Henry or Cook at # 3 , Tyreek Hill at # 7 , you can get an RB1 on the way back
  3. fatguylittlecoat

    Week 16 MNF What Do You Need?

    can you imagine having Kamara and losing ? Wow and congrats !
  4. fatguylittlecoat

    Weather in Green Bay! SNOW!

    if anything, Snow helps offense
  5. fatguylittlecoat

    Any Legitimate Reason I should Sit Kamara and Start...

    I didn't start to watch the game until early in the 4th Qtr. I started Kamara, it's my pre-game warm up to go thru any crazy ideas like benching Kamara and starting potentially high ceiling guys like Jeff Wilson Jr... just need heavy doses of rationale. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!
  6. fatguylittlecoat

    Alvin Kamara ties Ernie Nevers

    Didn't watch it until early in the 4th Qtr. My son was going up agains Kamara in his league and he told me that Kamara had at least 4, maybe 5 TD's so far. I looked towards the heavens and said thank you baby Jesus ! Nothing like starting the week with 57.5 points which was roughly double his projection. Thank You Alvin Kamara and Merry Christmas !
  7. fatguylittlecoat

    Week 16 need 2 WR

    Brown and YAC Boy, Emanuel Sanders is on borrowed time
  8. fatguylittlecoat

    Any Legitimate Reason I should Sit Kamara and Start...

    I'm rolling with David Montgomery as my # 2 RB
  9. Jeff Wilson Jr. ... Just trying to release any crazy ideas of why I should sit Kamara... I'd hate to watch him lay an egg on Friday night and have that hurdle to overcome on Sunday. I have David Montgomery , Kamara and Wilson Jr . Here are my thoughts on Wilson: 1. He will be the Bell Cow - 20 carries I suspect should equate to 100 + yds 2. He can catch the ball, added yards 3. With that much volume, you can almost guarantee a TD, possibly two 4. Don't see Arizona running away with this game, hence more rushing volume for JWJR 5. With Michael Thomas out, D's will key more on Kamara / run. Minnesota is an avg D CRAZY ????
  10. fatguylittlecoat

    RB help!

    I can easily see 80 yds and a TD from Wilson Jr., even with Mostert starting. Depends on if you want to play it conservative or swing for the fence. I think Wilson could hit a grand slam.
  11. fatguylittlecoat

    WR Week 15

    Agreed, I'll take Brady throwing to Evans vs Wash. QB throwing to less Scary Terry.
  12. fatguylittlecoat

    RB advice

    If he's healthy, I would say yes.
  13. fatguylittlecoat

    Kirk Cousins or Phillip Rivers, 1st Round of Playoffs

    Need some help !
  14. 1. Trade up one spot and give up multiple draft picks to get Trubisky 2. Sign Mike Glennon to a big dollar contract 3. Bring on a deteriorating Nick Foles 4. Let Leonard Floyd leave Chicago and go to Rams 5. Rolled with Foles the majority of the season and put the Bears in a spot where the playoffs are improbable
  15. fatguylittlecoat

    Dionte Johnson or Mike Evans in a PPR.

    Johnson has a lot more good games vs his bad games with drops... Bengals have hung this season up, look for Ben, Johnson and Steelers to roll all over Cincinnati.