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  1. Tua or Hill Javonta williams or penny V Jefferson or Julio Ertz or pitts tampa or Tenn
  2. groovy5

    McLaurin or Brown??

    Who to start? Thanks
  3. groovy5

    Thielen or Miller???

    Who do u think between Theilen or Miller??
  4. Iam starting Carson but need one more RB and a Flex between Mack, Bell, Hunt, Drake...thanks!
  5. Need 3....Who to start between Golladay, Aj Brown, Tate, Cooper ....thanks!
  6. Who to start between Tannehill and Winston?? Thanks!!
  7. Can’t make up my mind....need a QB, TE and Flex Tannehill, Fitz, Winston Drake, Mack, Laird, Tate Howard, Hollister thanks!
  8. groovy5

    Is this cheating?

    Husband and wife are playing each other. Wife gets in playoffs with a win. Husband sandbags to make sure she wins. Husband catches heat on Monday and Commissioner plugs in highest point total players on bench plus goes out and picks up Thomas and plugs him in for Olsan that is hurt. Husband is now up by 15 going into Monday night with Husband having Barkley and wife having Sanders. Husband wins and Wife doesnt make playoffs.
  9. groovy5

    Drake or Carson???

    Who to start between Drake and Carson??
  10. groovy5

    Need 1 Flex for late game/Monday

    Iam in the same boat. Don’t know wether to start Drake or carson
  11. I think Foles is the better match up but can u sit Brady?
  12. Who would u guys play between Brady and Jackson or I could pick up Allen. Thanks for the help!
  13. need one between white robinson and samuls
  14. Need a flex between Kittle and Aaron Jones