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  1. I think Foles is the better match up but can u sit Brady?
  2. Who would u guys play between Brady and Jackson or I could pick up Allen. Thanks for the help!
  3. need one between white robinson and samuls
  4. Need a flex between Kittle and Aaron Jones
  5. Need 2 Breida, thompson or Howard...thanks
  6. Diggs is playing but can we trust his knee? I have Conley that I could start against the Raiders. What to do??
  7. groovy5

    TE- ASJ, Watson or Howard

    who to start between ASJ, Watson or Howard??
  8. groovy5

    Rodgers or Bortles?

    Can we trust Rodgers this week? I have Bortles and I was thinking about playing him. What do you guys think?
  9. groovy5

    Chargers D or Rams D?

    Would u start Chargers D against the Browns or the Rams D against the Cardinals without Peterson
  10. groovy5

    What to do about Brown?

    Does everyone think Brown will start??
  11. groovy5


    What 2 do I start between Hunt, Darkwa, or Drake?? Thanks!!
  12. Should I bench Murrey for Andre Williams this week?? I need 2 RB's between Murrey, Williams, Sankey and Lacy
  13. groovy5

    Who to Keep?

    which 2 would you keep between vick, foster and charles we start 2 qb 2 rb 2wr and 1 flex that could be any of the 3 positions thanks
  14. who to start between charles or mccoy