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  1. Pigskin Pappy

    Monday Night... Whatcha Need?

    Digs to score 22 or more hes done it twice this season and was close a third time. So not dead but unlikely to happen but stranger things have!!!!!!!
  2. Pigskin Pappy

    Trade advice

    Why do you need Royce? Dont trade just to trade. Move a TE and something for a better WR 3
  3. Pigskin Pappy

    Unsure of this trade i just did under duress

    What are you unsure of???? I feel like this is a joke question. its a no brainer trade for you.
  4. Pigskin Pappy

    Do I make a trade?

    How many do you start at each position? Whats your FULL roster?
  5. Pigskin Pappy

    Mix emotions on this trade

  6. Pigskin Pappy

    Which two RBs

    Did not know this... Cook did not practice today... might have aggravated his hammy http://www.fftodayfo...howtopic=481599 Makes it a lot easier. thanks
  7. Pigskin Pappy

    Kamara+Kittle for Thielen + Woods

    #1 WE - Hopkins, Theilen Woods Golladay, Enunwa, Cole RB - Gordon III, Barkley, Cohen, Clement, Donta Foreman TE Ebron #2 WE - Hopkins, Golladay, Enunwa, Cole RB - Kamara, Gordon III, Barkley, Cohen, Clement, Donta Foreman TE - Ebron, I pick #1 easy
  8. Pigskin Pappy

    Kamara+Kittle for Thielen + Woods

    Yes, your roster improves mightily
  9. Pigskin Pappy

    Which two RBs

    Star two of Cook MCoy Lindsay Kerryon Im leaning Lindsay and Cook but have McCoy in (for Cook) as of now because I know hell get volume. I believ Linsay has a tasty matchup tonite Thoughts
  10. Traded Mariotta, Carr, L Miller, & Enuwa for R WIlson, & D Cook Im not asking for trade approval or the like, my question is, do you think Wilson will do like he did last year where he was qb4 after week 4 or 5 or is he due for a down year. Also, Cook, once healthy will be RB1? RB2? going forward thanks for your input
  11. Pigskin Pappy

    Brandon LaFell

    it takes more than a couple weeks to get back to football shape, I would hold onto him. Upside is there!
  12. Pigskin Pappy

    Brandon LaFell

  13. Pigskin Pappy

    L.Murray how do you feel about him?

    Like the NYJ??? he had a good game against a real tough D. Definitely a good PPR RB.
  14. Pigskin Pappy

    Let's reminisce on past TD vultures

    James Stewart. Stealing TDs from Fred Taylor like they were on sale at kmarts blue lite special. Cost me a championship last millenia. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr At least i dont hold a grudge!