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  1. browns16-0

    Odell Beckham Jr. traded to Cleveland

    The thing that makes zero sense to me is that they traded obj and seem to be in full rebuild mode. But than you sign a 31 yr old wr to a 4 year deal and hang onto a 38 yr old qb way past his prime. Not sure what the end game is for the Giants.
  2. browns16-0

    Ravens at Chargers: In-Game Discussion

    Taking Ravens +4.
  3. browns16-0

    Saints at Panthers: In-Game Discussion

    I took the under and Carolina moneyline. We'll see.
  4. browns16-0

    Who else "over thought it"?

    Dropped Brate for Engram 5 minutes before kickoff. Difference of of 5 points. Lost by 0.8 points after winning 8 in a row but losing the 2nd spot on the last week by 4 total points. Wish I had that bye week.
  5. browns16-0

    Week 14 Gambling

    Boom! 5 of 6 this weekend.
  6. browns16-0

    Week 14 Gambling

    Did well this weekend, as did Vegas. I like to bet against the public, but tonight seems like a no-brainer tonight as Seattle is like 14-3-3 ats in their last 20 home prime time games.
  7. browns16-0

    Week 14 Gambling

    I like Cle +1.5 against Carolina, and I like the under of 45.5 in Denver/SF matchup. Who ya got?
  8. browns16-0

    Kareem Hunt - Not Good

    Had room, so picked up Ware speculatively in all my leagues. Why not.
  9. browns16-0

    Gambling week 13

    Any thoughts on tonight's game? Got bets in for NO (teased down to 6.5), the under, and a few bucks on cowboys moneyline just in case.
  10. browns16-0

    Giants at 49ers: In-Game Discussion

    Going into last night's game I just needed 6.9 ppr points between Tate/Engram. Can't believe it.
  11. browns16-0

    Fournette value?

    As someone who own Forunette in 2 leagues, I would jump on this trade. Even when/if he comes back yoi have to assume Hyde is going to eat into his touches.
  12. browns16-0

    Cook Update?

    Glad the league where I have Cook/Fournette I am going up against Murray as well...
  13. browns16-0

    Greg Zuerlein

    This dude won me a game or two last year by himself. He gives you a 5-7 point advantage over most other team's kicker. Picked him up in 2 leagues, including the one I have Dan Bailey in. Only league I didn't grab him was the league I have Justin Tucker in.
  14. browns16-0

    Whose Week 5 Fantasy Game Hinges on Kamara?

    I need Kamara/Ingram to outscore Michael Thomas by 12(ppr).
  15. browns16-0

    Nobody gives the Browns a chance

    Nice call.