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  1. track 1

    7th pick redraft. rate my team please

    Yahoo gave me a C
  2. track 1

    Who is your 3rd ranked QB?

    i got baker mayfield.
  3. 12 team .5ppr qb - mayfield, burrow rb - helaire, rojo, jk dobbins, singletary, matterson wr- devante adam, golladay, cooper kupp, dionte johnson te - herndon, irv smith kicker - younghoe defense - chargers
  4. track 1

    Sleeper defenses

    Who we got? Chargers?
  5. track 1

    Rate my team. I got a B on yahoo

    thanks for the reply
  6. track 1

    Rate my team. I got a B on yahoo

    i need more rb's thinking about dropping ballage for jaylen samuels
  7. this the best offense of weapons he's ever had in his career. he's not even being drafted in fantasy leagues. i predict a top 3 QB out of him... playing with a chip on his shoulder getting traded to the broncos might be a blessing in the skies
  8. but i think its not that good 12 team. .5 ppr. starts. 1qb 2wr 2rb 1flex 1te 1k 1def qb - jameis winston, lamar jackson rb - conner, gurley, freeman, ballage wr - diggs, godwin, mike williams, ridley, corey davis, cole beasley te - hunter henry kicker - maher def - cleveland
  9. im proud of this thread and glad its in fftoday hall of fame along with tommy maddox will throw 5000 yards its been six years wow!
  10. track 1

    Travis Kelce

    i would never take a TE in the first 2 rounds. TE is deep this year...you can get OJ, hunter henry or evan engram in the 6-7 rounds. or wait even later and get jordan reed, andrews, vance, njoku last year was one of the few years that TE's didnt perfrom well
  11. track 1

    Sleeper defenses this year

    i like to thank the people that mentioned bears defense last year. won me a ton of games (took me to finals). they were on nobody radar, who is this years sleeper defense
  12. track 1

    Jordan Howard

    is he the 3 down back in philly? they have the best Oline in the league...maybe he becomes rb1
  13. track 1

    this site is dead

    what happened? where did everyone go
  14. track 1

    Post them Championship bound rosters

    A trend that I noticed from everyone teams. Take a quarterback late!!!
  15. track 1

    Post them Championship bound rosters

    Trubisky, Stafford Connor, Hunt, Lindsay, Mack, Howard, Ware Edelman, Emmanuel, Fitzgerald Njoku Fairburn Chicago D