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  1. Dick Cheney


    Jeff Wilson Jr or Mike Gallup?
  2. Dick Cheney

    Still Confused about QB's: Need Advice Please

    Don't overthink it. Ryan.
  3. Dick Cheney

    Goff RoS

    Picked him up as my #2. Started Cam this week Cam/ Goff
  4. Dick Cheney

    Week 9 Streaming D/ST

    Going Saints against TB. Winston will have to throw to keep up on the fast track- creating TO possibilities.
  5. Dick Cheney

    Freeman is slip sliding away

    Sarkisian Syndrome.
  6. Dick Cheney

    Cutler Owners Beware!

    Let me put it another way. If Lions win out, they will be 9-7. If Bears lay down this week and lose, the best they too can be is 9-7. Guess who holds the tie breaker between Bears and Lions? The Bears will not rest players in Week 16.
  7. Dick Cheney

    Cutler Owners Beware!

    Nope, don't think so....Bears will want to get to 9 wins before anyone to help solidify the division going into the GB game. Lions hold tie breaker over the Bears if they both end up 8-8. Why risk all of that going into the GB game by resting players Week 16?
  8. Dick Cheney

    Cutler Owners Beware!

    Wrong. If Lions lose this week they still have a chance to go 8-8 by winning next week. Why would Chicago risk going 8-7 after this week by sitting players, then if they lose next week, going 8-8 on the year? Lions hold the tie- breaker on the Bears. Plus, win or lose for the Packers this week, Chicago will want to get to 9 wins to solidify the division.
  9. Dick Cheney

    Matt Flynn

    There is also a waiver process. I wouldn't put it past another NFC team with a bad record taking him just to spite GB.
  10. Dick Cheney

    Denarius Moore or Boykin?

    I can't decide between these two. Rodgers throwing to WR2 Boykin or Pryor throwing to WR1 Moore.
  11. Dick Cheney


  12. WR's Jeffery or Allen TE Cameron or... RB Ridley Need to pick one of the four. .5 PPR TIA!
  13. Dick Cheney

    Alshon Jeffery, Steve Smith or Reuben Randle

    Jeffery. Better opportunity for catches and a TD vs. WAS. Randle is a close 2nd but he is 3rd in the pecking order on that offense. Jeffery is 2nd at worse in his offense. I would rank like this: Jeffery Randle Smith
  14. Dick Cheney

    3rd wr problem. Who?

    To me it comes down to who you trust between Wayne, Allen and Williams. I trust Wayne.
  15. Dick Cheney

    Who you starting over Brady this week?

    Nick Folean Dynomite!