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  1. Farmer Bernie

    drafting at 1.07

    I agree to the extent that Calvin is not your typicall NFL/FFL WR. With that being said, our 6 pt for ALL TDs rule makes that 1.07 slot very interesting to draft in.
  2. Farmer Bernie

    RB4 help please

    Would help to know what your other 3 RBs are. Don't like the PIT situation. Jaquizz and Tate I like better - which one probably depends on your scoring system. Tate is more of a known quantity, so if you are more conservative, go with him. Feeling risky, take a shot on Jaquizz.
  3. Farmer Bernie

    How long are you waiting on an RB

    Not nuts at all in a 10 team league.
  4. Farmer Bernie

    Benson or Redman

    I wouldn't be afraid to go with k.wright given your other options.
  5. Farmer Bernie

    drafting at 1.07

    Drafting 1.07 in a 12-team league with 6pt passing TDs? Assuming Brees, Brady, Rogers, Rice, Foster and McCoy are gone, who would you take. Arguements can be made for Megatron, CJ and DMF. Would you go Stafford wiht 6 pt TDs?
  6. Farmer Bernie

    Congrats to...

    ME!#$!#@ Finally, the LOST championship is mine!@#$ Only 7 more to catch Scorp
  7. Farmer Bernie

    Jwood, Scorpion, pingpong, torridjoe

    This is wrong. I took Mookie's spot.
  8. Farmer Bernie

    2008 Draft round 1 (Complete)

    tough to decide between him and you offer easy pick at the 1.06, though
  9. Farmer Bernie

    Jennings, Branch, R.White

    PLAYOFFS!#$!@#$ Need two out of Branch, Jennings or White Please HELP!#$
  10. Farmer Bernie

    I'm in the McFadden sweepstakes

    I have players that I want - and I still suck...
  11. Farmer Bernie

    Branch, Curry, Bruce

    I need two of: I.Bruce R.Curry or D.Branch I have Branch in, but am struggling with the Curry/Bruce decision. Some input from you guys would help. Also, need to pick one between Branch and Julius Jones in a 1/2 pt/rec for WR. Again, I'm flip-flopping on this one Thanks, guys.
  12. Farmer Bernie

    Trade - Jwood and Evil Monkey

    A first and two seconds for LJ? I think you did pretty damb good.
  13. Farmer Bernie

    Fraft Chatter

    Sorry guys, I was in Colorado all week with no interweb access, but I swear I set up my draft list. Don't know why it didn't work.