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  1. Yep,,, I just dropped Mattison for Kenyan Drake last week.. (insert Face Palm Here)
  2. Carson, McCoy or Drake? flex advice please.
  3. DallasJones

    Zach Ertz Hamstring?!,

    I had just completed my line up for a crucial week 13 and 5 min later Zac shows up on the injury report? Is this just precautionary rest or is he possibly out?
  4. DallasJones

    Who has Mahomes and Barkey on their team?

    I had first pick in a 10 man and went Barkley and Mahomes/Tyreek with 20 and 21
  5. DallasJones

    Matt Stafford or Nick Foles FTW?

    With Wentz no longer in my line-up should I start Nick Foles @ Giants or Matt Stafford vs Chicago? Thank You!
  6. DallasJones

    Burkhead or Lewis Going Forward?

    As a Gillisliee drafter/dropper, I've been chasing the NE RB saga. Which is better going forward in a Non-PPR league?
  7. Which Flex would you drop for Funchess? CJ Anderson Ryan Matthews James Starks Thank you!!
  8. DallasJones

    Dion Lewis Active

    I benched him for Jonathan Stewert VS Ind GAAHHHHHHHH!!!!
  9. Why is CJ Anderson still ranked over Demarco Murray? 1. Hillman has looked really good in pre-season. 2. Peyton is pass heavy even though Broncos allude to running more. 3. Joseph Randell has not impressed in preseason which tells me Dallas's O-Line has been over-praised for Murray 2014 success. 4. I can see Hillman stealing more carries than Matthews. 5. Peyton will pass more in the Red Zone.
  10. I am leaning toward CJ based on ADP, however, its hard to give up Demarco...
  11. DallasJones

    Peyton Manning vs Cinn in the cold

    I'm up by 50 in the championship game, opponent has Thomas, Anderson and Barth.....non PPr
  12. Wait for the news on Latavious or start Jordan Matthews on Thanksgiving day? If Latavious sits, I'll be forced then to play McKinnon!!!! YUCK!!!!!
  13. Weed-wacker VS Arizona (at Dallas) Eli Manning VS Indianapolis (at NY Monday Night)
  14. Should only be a "brief" set back....
  15. DallasJones

    Rashad Jennings out

    Looks like he could be back as early as week 9... http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/5273/rashad-jennings