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  1. montana

    J. Conner-- trade value?

    Personally, in the 3 leagues I have him, I'm hoping for around 75-100 yards & a TD the first game so I can upgrade my WRs fast. Strike while the iron is hot.
  2. montana

    Bold Predictions

    NFL Bold: Cleveland has the same or more wins than the Cowpokes this year. Fantasy Bold: Eli is a top 10 QB Brady finally hits the wall...out of top 10. Carlos Hyde stays healthy, starts all 16 games, finishes top 12. (Is that considered 3?)
  3. montana

    Crabtree owners?

    I just don't know what I got here. Took him in the middle rounds in a 12 team standard. Wasn't really crazy about any of the WRs there so I basically just took him for the hell of it. LOL He'll be my #3 or #4 WR so for the most part, a bye week filler (hopefully). What are your thoughts for his season?
  4. montana

    Does it move?

    Quit being chauvinistic. Bitches hate that sh!t.
  5. montana

    Roster thoughts

    Challenge accepted
  6. montana

    Who is M. Gordons handcuff?

    Ekeler is electric & can take it to the house damn near any time he gets a touch. I'd say he holds a little value now even when Gordon healthy... he'd be a top 15 easily if (God forbid) Gordon were to go down.
  7. montana

    David Johnson- Bad Oline, Tough Sch, QB, Coach

    Or Barry Sanders
  8. montana

    When do you "trust" a guy?

    I also factor in what Vegas says regarding the over/under when deciding between 2-3 "like" players & usually go with the player with the highest projected game total. Vegas is more right than wrong.
  9. montana

    Kenny stills

    Ditto. Lots of targets left for Cleveland, I'm thinking Danny Boy is primed to be sick in PPR.
  10. montana

    best handcuffs for 2018

    Ekeler his a must if you have Gordon IMO.
  11. montana

    David Johnson- Bad Oline, Tough Sch, QB, Coach

    Was happy to grab him 6th overall. :shrugs:
  12. montana

    Jax WR?

    With Lee going down, who is worthy of a roster spot? Cole Moncrief Westbrook
  13. ...guys you were on the fence with but after watching them, you're sold.
  14. montana

    Draft Strategy- WR before RB

    I did it last year in a .05 PPR. But we also had a GREAT rookie RB class. I took Thomas & Hopkins with my first 2 & landed Hunt & Cook in the mid-rounds (followed by lesser RBs). I was king of the world until Cook went down & Hunt went ghost during the middle part of the season. Made the playoffs but nothing special. I don't think there's enough depth at RB or maybe too many "?" this year.
  15. montana

    who is your Mr. Irrelevant (non kicker or def)

    My #15. Love this guy!
  16. I agree. Hope that Crabtree pick I made pays off
  17. DJ fell to me @ 6 (overall). Needless to say, I was surprised as hell. Standard league & coming off injury...? Dunno. Don't care. LOL
  18. Got him in the 4th. 4.06 in 12 team.
  19. Oddly enough, I landed Royce, Carson, & Hyde today. Hope you guys are right. LOL
  20. montana

    Pre-Season Week 3

    DeDe looked good last preseason. Dude is a beast (@ least in college). I think it'll be him & Moncrief getting the looks.
  21. montana

    Best Ball private league?

    My work league continues to b!tch that they don't have time to stay up on everything and the same 2-3 people always win. The newest craze seems to be BEST BALL but from what I see there aren't any websites that offer a private league for just friends/family/co-workers. Am I missing something? Surely there is something out there. Thanks
  22. I've been a part of a 10 team league for 5 years. $20 buy in, winner take all. I've won it the last 2 years straight & currently first @ 7-1. There are 3 owners that hangout together religiously plus 1 of the 3 has a son that's in the league. I've seen some lopsided trades from this bunch of 3 or 4 but what went on yesterday takes the cake. 1 team is 5-3, 1 is 4-4, other 2 are 2-6. Of course both the 2-6 teams basically traded all their best players to the 2 with better records (so basically put: father & son teamed up & the other 2 buddies teamed up to make 2 "super teams". Trades like Julio for Amendola...Gurley for Abdullah...Wentz for Rivers...Ertz for Cook... Fournette, Kelce, Smith & Cooper for Buck Allen, Hurns, Ellington, & Eli. Of course, all the trades went through because the Commish doesn't believe in veto's. Clearly they agreed to make 2 super teams to make a run at the $. I'm completely disgusted & mad as hell. So, I did what they did. I talked to another owner & we teamed up. We agreed to split the pot 50/50 & I sent all my best players to him (he's 6-2 in 2nd place). He got Evans, Hunt, Freeman, Zeke, Morris, KB, Engram, Winston, Martin, & Jax D. 10 teams, now basically down to 3. The other remaining teams are really bitching & will most likely form their own alliances. This is why some trades NEED to be vetoed. Lots of bad blood now & highly doubtful it continues next year. Oh yeah, and only me & my new "partner" have paid league dues. Should be no pay, no play...hell, no draft.
  23. Yesterday's line up: QB: Cam RB: Kamara/Drake WR: Goodwin/MJ Jr. TE: Watson K: Butker D: Vikes Flex: D.Lewis Kamara was the only good player I kept, the rest were picked up via WW/FA.
  24. Update - So even though I traded away all my "good players" for their junk, I remained very active via FA & WW. Last week I beat one of the 3 "super teams" by double digits (13.4pts)... yesterday I beat another (by almost 30), & play the final "super team" for the Championship. Karma. Ain't it a ?