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  1. So who the guy to own that put you over the edge this year? Probbly gonna be on most championship teams? J Taylor C Kupp J Chase J Allen M Andrews ????
  2. Wargod

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    down 16 with T Hill, D Singletary, and N Folk to play. still down 8. I hate this year so much!!!!!
  3. Wargod

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    Mixon versus the worst run D. 10 for 18yds. Cincy o-line killing me!
  4. Sadly no for me, too many points allowed against me. It just didn't click this year. Still a love/hate relationship though. Maybe next year I can find that hidden gem to push me over the top. But good luck to those who are gonna make it!
  5. Wargod

    Seahawks at Football Team: MNF Discussion

    Does any league have the blocked PAT and run back for a score option???
  6. Wargod

    Next Years Top 12

    That Jared Cook pick is a bold one!!! Probably would've went with Kelce though. IMHO.
  7. Wargod

    Adrian Peterson waived

    so, who is the RB to own now???
  8. Wargod

    Pick 1

    AP vs Houston. Not sure if Sanders is 100% and goedert is 3 rd option in passing. IMHO.
  9. Wargod

    Rams at 49ers: In-game Discussion

    who knew Robert Woods kept the other wr's catching ability in his ACL??? except for Kupp.
  10. Wargod

    What you need MNF - if you need that is

    15 pts from T Hill ( half PPR). certainly doable but who knows (probably catch a ball too hard and get a 75 yard penalty for hurting a defenders feelings)
  11. Wargod

    Packers at Cardinals: TNF Discussion

    Rumors about rigged games from ex- NFL players. I think it might be true. GB barely escapes from Wash with all their players and then go on the road to an undefeated AZ; only to win without both best WR and OC???? Tenn loses to the Jets but can beat the Bills( who dont kick a FG to tie).
  12. Wargod

    Brady's 600th TD ball

    So, what would you have asked for in exchange for this unique NFL item??? I'm thinking lifetime tickets and Superbowl tickets and to meet Tom Brady. What say you?
  13. Wargod

    The Official Week 7 FU Thread

    Facing Qb n Wr combo... last week Allen, Diggs...this week Brady, Evans... Stafford, Kupp. 53 pts, 56 pts, 72 pts. 3 losses Also Tennessee Titans you've focked me so many ways this year!
  14. just go to a team Rb concept in the rules; problem solved.
  15. Wargod

    What do you need tonight?

    I need 53 from Lamar! could happen just not likely