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  1. Wargod

    Ravens at Raiders - MNF Discussion

    Found a way to stop Lamar...draft him on my team!
  2. Wargod

    FU Week 1: We back!!

    dear Aaron Rodgers please ask Jake from State Farm if he sells scrub insurance. Asking for a friend. p.s. i hope you get traded to the new London franchise.
  3. Wargod

    Rate my team (I'll return the favor!)

    Very solid team, hope Zeke pans out this year. Seems he's been slowly fading since his rookie year. Good luck!
  4. 10 team .5 ppr , 10th pick/ 2rb 2wr, te, flex Qb A Rodgers - 5 Qb M Stafford - 10 Rb- D Henderson - 4 Rb J Robinson - 3 Rb M Gaskin - 6 Rb C Edmond - 8 Wr D Adams -1 Wr T Hill -2 Wr R Anderson -9 WR T Smith - 12 TE T Higbee -7 TE G Everett - 11 IDP/ DEF/K - 13, 14, 15
  5. Wargod

    NFL Depth charts

    which site has the most accurate depth charts? Seems some sites vary who is actually 2nd or 3rd Rb, Wr, etc. Thanks