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  1. 14 team PPR League. QB RB RB WR WR FLEX D K Should I accept the risk of acquiring M Gordon during his hold out by trading Cohen for him The team trading Gordon only has 1 starting RB. So he’s in a panic MY TEAM Goff/Cousins Bell/Mack/Cohen/Ballage/C. Edmonds/ J. Samuels/ Snell Hilton/Golladay/Alshon/Valdez-Scantling/Keesean Johnson /J. Myers
  2. kujerry

    RB2 by Committee

    I like the idea. How many in ur league. I’m in a 14 team and I would be luck to get digs. Hilton type of wr back to me in the 2nd. And I’m drafting in the 5 spot. 2keeper per team also. My league typically go wr heave which will push some of those RB down to me, but I’m hoping I get a Hilton, digs, Edelman in the 2nd. With Godwin or do Moore in the 3rd.
  3. kujerry

    At the 5 pick

    I kept golladay in the 11th
  4. kujerry

    At the 5 pick

    5th overall pick in a keeper league. PPR QB RB RB WR WR WR K D with keepers I’m looking at the following player when it gets to me mixon - that Offense scares me Connor - Pitt Offense is always fairly good big Todd - great offense but iffy knee. Risky cook - decent Offense. Who would u pick or like better
  5. kujerry

    Mahomes in the 3rd round?

    Ok, Well since were talking Mahomes, What about in a start up Dynasty League. Heard in Dynasty young QB are the because they last so much longer. Now is it to high to draft him at number 3 overall, all TD's are 6pts
  6. kujerry

    Would you trade Golladay

    I thought I put PPR 14 team league, he is my only keeper, and we haven’t drafted yet so I don’t have any other WR on my team. Golladay is only player on team and yes I would get my 3rd and his 3rd. Two picks in the 3rd
  7. kujerry

    Would you trade Golladay

    He is my only keeper. Still have draft coming up.
  8. kujerry

    Would you trade Golladay

    I have golladay as an 11 round keeper. I have been offered a 3rd round pick in the upcoming draft next month for him. Looks like he’s going in about the 3rd round. Would u keep him in the 11th for the value or trade him and have 2picks in the 3rd. It’s a 14 team PPR league
  9. kujerry

    Fantasy Football trophy

    Let’s see a picture of the helmet
  10. kujerry

    Pick 2 keepers

    probably around middle Aug.
  11. kujerry

    Pick 2 keepers

    Needing to pick 2 keepers, Thoughts on Best choices? PPR League. Lose the round drafted in I have the 5th pick in the upcoming draft. we can only keep 1 RB. COOK, DALVIN MIN RB 1st BROWN, ANTONIO PIT WR 1st HILL, TYREEK KCC WR 1st RODGERS, AARON GBP QB 2nd INGRAM, MARK NOS RB 3rd ROBINSON, ALLEN CHI WR 4th COHEN, TARIK CHI RB 5th THOMPSON, CHRIS WAS RB 5th BENJAMIN, KELVIN KCC WR 7th RAVENS, BALTIMORE BAL DEF 10th GOLLADAY, KENNY DET WR 11th SMITH, ROD DAL RB 12th JACKSON, JUSTIN LAC RB 13th ZUERLEIN, GREG LAR PK 13th WILLIAMS, DARREL KCC RB FA CALLAWAY, ANTONIO CLE WR FA
  12. We are also starting up a dynasty and would also love the benefit of this thread.
  13. Full PPR League. It's Play off time. Need a little advice T. Cohen Vs. LAR D. Cook Vs. Sea J. Jackson Vs. Cin M. Ingram Vs. TTB K. Golladay Vs. CAR
  14. kujerry

    Need 2 help

    PPR League, need 2 D. Cook vs Chi T. Cohen Vs Minn or K. Galladay vs Car
  15. kujerry

    Is Zuerlein back this week?

    I grabbed him also.