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  1. Worked for me as well. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. Hossmen

    Error Message Compiling Cheatsheets

    Mike, version 2.0 fixed all my issues with the error message. As a repeat customer since 2005, I can't say enough about how terrific the Compiler is and how pleased I continue to be with it! Thanks for all you do personally and for your great product. I recommend it to everyone who is thinking about using it. Unless you are in my fantasy league of course!
  3. Hossmen

    Error Message Compiling Cheatsheets

    Sorry Mike, I've been gone the past few days. It is showing up in my sent mail from 7/30. Not sure why it didn't make it to you. I'll will send it again right now. Let me know if you receive it.
  4. Hossmen

    Error Message Compiling Cheatsheets

    Hi Mike, Did you get my e-mail? Just wanted to confirm. If you have it and are working on it,no problem. Wanted to make sure it made it to you is all.
  5. Hossmen

    Error Message Compiling Cheatsheets

    Ok. I'll send it you way shortly.
  6. Hi Mike, I am encountering an error when I attempt to compile cheat sheets. It is saying: Run time error:'1004' Unable to open https://www.draftbuddy.com/football/3rdparty/draft/_results.html. Cannot download the information you requested. When I click on "End" it takes me to the "draft report" tab. Any idea what my issue might be? If you'd like to see a screen shot I can e-mail it as a Word attachment if that helps. Brian
  7. Hossmen

    2010 Cheatsheet Compiler/Draft Buddy

    Mike, I really appreciate you doing the unscheduled update. A lot of us are slated to draft this weekend to avoid the holiday next weekend. Thanks for everything you do to keep this a success.
  8. Hossmen

    Cuse9's Help Thread

    No worries. I would up playing Sproles. I just had a feeling he would do something in the passing game. With a PPR he's hard to pass up.
  9. Hossmen

    Cuse9's Help Thread

    Ha! I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for your thoughts. You've given me some good stuff to think over. I think I'm going to sleep on this one tonight & make my decision in the morning. Best of luck to you this weekend!
  10. Hossmen

    Pick one WR

    Got to be Harvin purely on the basis of touches. He will get more touches via receiving/rushing/return game than any of the others listed by far. More touches means more chances to score. In a non PPR league you've got to go with the guy that is going to be handling the rock the most. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=350736
  11. Hossmen

    Cuse9's Help Thread

    So no worries in your mind about McFadden spliting time? Bush was pretty involved last week. Now Fargas is returning this week likely meaning even less touches for McFadden. I was more leaning Sproles because in a PPR league I know he's going to get touches in the passing game even if he isn't able to rush for a lot of yards against the Ravens. Not to mention the points he brings in the return game.
  12. Hossmen

    L.T. out this week... Now what?

    I agree McFadden has a better match up on paper against KC. However he splits time at this point as we saw last we. Now Fargas is returning which should take even more touches away. I don't think Sproles will out rush McFadden necessarily, but I think there are a lot of points to be gained with him in the passing game on screens and dump offs. He had 5 catches for 43 yards last week in limited action. With L.T. out those numbers should increase quite a bit. Plus he's a threat to score in the return game as well. That's why I was leaning more towards Sproles.
  13. Hossmen

    Bruce vs Morgan

    I'd go with Morgan. You know what to expect at this point from the aging Bruce. Morgan has plenty of upside as a young player. Go with the guy with the potential to do more & hope for the best.
  14. Hossmen

    Move Braylon down and Evans up?

    I'd stick with Edwards.
  15. Hossmen

    Cuse9's Help Thread

    Hello Cuse, I'm with out the services of L.T. this weekend due to the ankle injury. I'm in a P.P.R. league. My options are Sproles vs. a tough Baltimore defense or McFadden playing at a weaker KC team. Any thoughts?