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  1. Zach Morris is trash! (look it up on facebook, they are so funny)
  2. I'm not a old lady, more of an old dude, I wear shorts and sandals/shorts everyday in the summer. One co-worker always says that beach line, I tell him to go fock himself. The when it gets really hot he shows up in shorts and sandals
  3. mozzy84

    Sunday ticket deals out yet?

    I got it free. I called and set up a cancellation date, called back about a week before that was up. 30 bucks off for the year, free sunday ticket max and 4 months free showtime. This was about a month ago.
  4. mozzy84

    Green Bay Coach and GM

    so its exactly like you?
  5. mozzy84

    4 players that will "blow up" this week

    easier to take a chance when nothing is at stake. No one in there right mind would be starting him in a real game
  6. mozzy84

    Deon 'knows' McNabb wants out of Philly

    some nice ownage here
  7. mozzy84

    lito sheppard, cb, eagles

    good luck with that one!
  8. mozzy84

    Derrick Ward's value in a dynasty league.

    if he is so good why didn't any teams want him last year? He was available and didn't even get a sniff. giants o'line is really really good, just saying....
  9. mozzy84

    Larry Fitz .. #1 WR next year by far

    ppr I would keep AJ. no ppr turner for sure. I would rather have fitz than aj myself and calvin for that matter. can;t really go wrong here though, it all personal preference.
  10. mozzy84

    25 Round draft....take your team!

    I will be follow along with your long journey sounds fun actually, I loved drafting my entire team on madden.
  11. mozzy84

    What do you think of these post-season paychecks?

    say a guy makes the league minimum, those don't look to bad then. I would consider it a bonus if you already make the really good coin, its part of the job.
  12. mozzy84

    25 Round draft....take your team!

    I have a feeling alot in here have not done a mock draft on here before, good luck is all I can say getting through 15 rounds (only 12 teams) is a b!tch and thats a fantasy mock draft with pretty much the same guys every year. (swirves mock draft). Make sure to leave a list with someone if you are on the clock shortly or it will totally stall out (being able to predraft would make life alot easier). once again good luck to all!