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  1. Denver hasn't given up many receiving TDs per game. That being said...I wouldn't be surprised if it's a low scoring game with KC getting 1....maybe 2 TDs.
  2. bgard72

    Kamara - "High Ankle Issue"

    I don't know...I think the Raiders just had a great game plan. Also, arriving in London on Monday compared to the Bears getting there on Thursday probably helped. Bilal Nichols is back for the Bears with a club on his hand...so I'm thinking he's gonna club Lat Murray and stuff him....like a Thanksgiving Day turkey.
  3. bgard72

    Sanders or Breida ROS

    I just put in a trade for Tevin Coleman...giving up Miles Sanders. The guy has both Breida and Coleman, so I figured he may want someone from another team. But if he declines it, I would try Breida for Sanders.
  4. Matt Breida and Tevin Coleman looked great Monday night. Which one of them do you think will produce more ROS? A guy in my league has both....and I'm looking to try to take one of them off his hands.... Thanks!
  5. Scary Terry without question...
  6. I'm a HUGE Scary Terry guy (WR #8 by the way)...so not really sold on that trade my friend...
  7. bgard72

    Damian Williams update?

    Sigmund Bloom Retweeted Dr. Jesse Morse @DrJesseMorse ยท 23m The @Chiefs Damien Williams did NOT practice today. Mildly concerning. McCoy is practicing in limited. #chiefs @TheFantasyDRS
  8. bgard72

    waiting to breakout

    Darwin Thompson...hoping he gets his chance soon.
  9. bgard72

    Andrews on the wire.

    Go get Andrews...he's good and will be used by Lamar.
  10. bgard72

    drop CHI dst for Sea or Dal?

    Don't drop the Bears defense...they will be fine.
  11. bgard72

    whats your team's biggest weakness

    My WRs... Start 3, 2 flex spots (WR /TE, WR/RB): Hopkins Kirk MVS Anthony Miller DK Metcalf Golden Tate So, besides Hopkins, I am hoping some of these guys step up and have great seasons compared to their last year. It's 1 pt PPR, so Tate will be nice in Week 5 when he comes back. I think DK will be the best rookie WR this year.
  12. bgard72

    9-4 Go Bears.

    Well, Mitch is the most accurate passer in Bears history... and again, with this year really being his first year (because of last year being a complete coaching disaster). So that being said... I think he's doing a great job. On passes he let's sail... it looks like his feet aren't set in the right place. But that can be corrected with more time and practice. He's still doing a lot of things right with all new wide receivers as well. And Allen Robinson is good... but he's no Tyreek Hill.
  13. bgard72

    9-4 Go Bears.

    Dude....this is "Mitchy's" first year. Last year under Fox....probably the WORST coaching staff you could have. You think Fox was a good teacher for Mitch? The whole offense is revamped, with all the guys learning the system. Yes, Mitch is young and didn't play a ton of snaps in college. But that's why Nagy's teaching and coaching him.
  14. bgard72

    9-4 Go Bears.

    Hope you're not serious...Eli played pretty poorly that game. The offense came from Saquon running and Odell throwing a TD that day.