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    LT at #4? Crazy?

    I took him at #4 in a 1 pt ppr league. He's the feature back in a very good offense. He does not get taken out at the goal line and he catches lots of passes. He plays Denver, Oakland, and KC 6 times. He may, and I stress may, not get as many rushing yards as Turner (who usually goes at 4) but I think he gets more TD's and he gets exponentially more passes. When you compare all of the intangibles with Turner, SJAX, even Forte, I think its not unreasonable to take him at #4.
  2. I really miss the days of playing in 6 team leagues where you could get guys like DWill and Sjax on the same team... Who filled out the rest of the squad? Brees, Fitz, and Andre Johnson?
  3. TAM2020

    Deangelo Williams

    MJD all day long
  4. TAM2020

    Vote for the #4 RB

    Yeah, I thought this poll might help me as I'm drafting tonight but it seems to be a push. Interestingly enough, Mike's projections on the Compiler has LT as #4 (and the last of the Tier 1 RBs) in my ppr scoring format followed by Turner and DeAngelo and SJax. There are so many things to factor in that its getting aggravating. LT has the easier run schedule and the easier playoff schedule and he catches a ton of balls but he's 30 and all of the other related points. DeAngelo blew it up last year but that was because Stewart got hurt, so is he going to get the same 60-40 split of carries and if so can he reproduce, plus he doesn't catch as many balls as LT but he has considerably more upside potential than LT but he has a crappier run schedule this year and a tough playoff schedule Turner can also blow it up but has the hardest schedule against the run in the entire freaking league, but he's got Gonzo and a 2nd year Matt Ryan so perhaps that will keep defenses honest and open up some running lanes. I suppose at #4 I can't go terribly wrong with any of them but you just want to make the best pick available.
  5. TAM2020

    Vote for the #4 RB

    Step up and vote folks
  6. TAM2020

    Vote for the #4 RB

  7. TAM2020

    Vote for the #4 RB

    Yes, this assumes that AP, MJD and Forte are gone.
  8. TAM2020

    PPR Leaguers

    You forgot LT2. He's over Gore in a PPR league and arguably Turner
  9. Standard scoring, non-ppr 12 team league. I'm taking LT, and then I'm debating taking a top flight WR (C.Johnson, Colston, AJohnson) and then QB (Romo or Brees) if they are available. What I'm curious about is whether any of you have seen the #1 in your drafts do anything similar. I usually go RB, RB, WR or a combination thereof but in the #1 slot I'm thinking maybe its better to guarantee myself 3 top 5 picks at these critical positions. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Leave a link and I'll answer yours.
  10. TAM2020

    Willing to rate my picks?

    Lovin' the Fitz Colston, Winslow combo. Hightower could be a steal later in the season when (not if) James goes down. You may have overspent on BJacobs but not by much. I got burned by his injuries last year so I'm bitter. Please give mine a little love http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=320134
  11. TAM2020

    How can u help?

    not knowing your scoring system it seems pretty solid. I'm not as high on BRoth as a lot of people since I think his line took a lot of hits in the offseason and Garcia isn't anything special anymore. But other than that bit of minor criticism I think you got a solid squad. I'm really drinking the Selvin Young Kool-Aid so I hope he goes off for you. please respond to mine. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=320134
  12. Dude, you had a great draft. The others in your league dropped the ball. Getting colston on the way back up in the 3rd is amazing. I'm at #1 in my 12 teamer and if he's there at my pick I'm grabbing him. I'm not sold on DA but I think Delhomme is going to be good again this year. Have fun picking between CJ and Ginn as your flex. Ginn could be very good this year. Check out mine. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=320134
  13. TAM2020

    Just finished 12 man - 1st overall pick

    I'm going 1st tomorrow night. I like the first 2 picks but I'm not sold on Plax. Turner could be a good pick all the way in the 4th. McNabb is a crap shoot. Were either romo, manning or brees available on your 2nd and 3rd picks? I'm leaning toward LT, AJohnson/Colston (if they fall) and then either Romo, manning or brees if they're there so I have a top 4 RB, WR, and QB. Just my .02
  14. So the word out of Indy camp is that Peyton's knee has the brass there concerned. There are rumors about a second procedure to clean out his knee after the bursa sac surgery last month and that his knee just keeps swelling whenever he does anything on it. So the question becomes how far does he slide before he is a must have pick? I'm picking 1st in a 12 team standard scoring, non-ppr league and if Manning is there at pick 24 isn't he a must have at that point. Truly, the knee and its potential to wreck a season are scary, but on the other hand its friggin' Mr. Consistency at the end of the 2nd round. Thoughts?
  15. TAM2020

    Well, let's have'em.....the rock solid...

    Sleeper: Arnez Battle and Mike Fuerry Super Sleeper: Jacoby Jones (don't know if he still qualifies for super status) Breakout: Brandon Jacobs Bust: Ahman Green and Jake Delhomme
  16. TAM2020

    Happy Reggie Wayne Owners...

    Hell we all must have picked late in our drafts because I have the same players. Keep your fingers crossed that Kitna lights up the Raiders.
  17. TAM2020

    Driver or Coles

    Driver and Bush. I've been burned by Driver before but I think he's the better pick. Cross your fingers the foot is healed. thanks for voting.
  18. TAM2020

    Kitna v. Young v. Cutler

    Standard scoring with 4 pts/ pass TD and 6 pts/rush td
  19. TAM2020

    Sit or Start; evans or peterson in flex ?

    galloway should do very well. He always seems to do well week 1.
  20. as a contrasting opinion, I'd say start Tatum. He's going to start since KJones is still recovering and OAK's Rush D suxs.
  21. TAM2020

    Favre or Rivers Week One

    forgot, vote in my poll please http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=284783
  22. TAM2020

    Favre or Rivers Week One

    Rivers. Lots of weapons and I honestly think they are going to cream the Bears.
  23. TAM2020

    Sit Lee Evans?

    Evans is a stud. I'd start him in League #2 for sure. As for League #1 you might consider Taylor since he's the starter and unless he gets injured (all to possible), I think Jax will give him the first go at carries and TDs. Just my .02 vote in my poll please http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=284783