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  1. TAM2020

    Another one

    Agreed. Putting all your eggs in with Gerrard could be a mistake. Chatman by far. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=284247
  2. TAM2020

    Addai or Gore

    its probably too late but I'd go with addai. Better offense and he won't split carries with Rhodes this year.
  3. TAM2020

    11th pick in draft, 17 ROUND draft

    Probably more info than you want but in my 12 team league with the same scoring this is how the first two rounds went. #11's pick in bold RB LaDainian Tomlinson RB Steven Jackson RB Larry Johnson RB Joseph Addai RB Frank Gore QB Peyton Manning RB Shaun Alexander RB Willie Parker RB Laurence Maroney RB Brian Westbrook RB Travis Henry RB Rudi Johnson RB Willis McGahee RB Reggie Bush RB Edgerrin James RB Marion Barber RB Maurice Jones-Drew RB Brandon Jacobs WR Marvin Harrison RB Ronnie Brown RB Clinton Portis QB Tom Brady RB Cedric Benson WR Steve Smith (CAR)
  4. TAM2020

    Starting QB Dilemma

    Two leagues I'm in wiht the same dilemma: Which QB to start? Standard 4pt per TD scoring 1 pt per 25 yds Bulger v. Denver (I'm leaning with him as starting) or Warner v. S.F. & Warner v. S.F. (I'm leaning with him to start) or McNair v. T.B. Any help and ideas are appreciated and I'll answer yours.
  5. TAM2020

    week 1

    Start Rudi, Ronnie and Chester. STUDS. Javon's a question mark but he could have a great day. check out mine please http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=229043
  6. TAM2020

    Am I dumb?

    Peyton's going to show his bro how its done. I have a similar dilemma http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=229043
  7. TAM2020

    Do I give up Ronnie Brown for Peyton

    You're RB depth is the key issue. Its not fantastic considering if you made the trade, Wali would be your starter (although he could be very good this year). Stick with your squad. check out mine please http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=229043
  8. TAM2020

    What draft position won your league last year?

    I drafted 9th out of 12 and won it all in my league. Picked up LJ in the 5th round and ended up working a trade with the guy who had the #2 pick to obtain SA. Funny thing is I went 6-6 in the regular season and then when LJ and SA turned it on in the later half of the year, I exploded in the playoffs.
  9. TAM2020

    1.1c freezing up my computer

    I hate computers...rebooting seems to have worked....sorry for not thinking of doing the obvious before posting.
  10. TAM2020

    1.1c freezing up my computer

    I initially downloaded 1.1b when I bought Compiler/DB. Then I downloaded 1.1c when it was available. 1.1b works fine. 1.1c freezes up my excel whenever I try to open it. Moreover, whenever I click on the "Update Projections" tab in 1.1b, it goes through the process of updating everything and then at the end, when it goes tot he Cheatsheets page, it freezes up and stops responding. I'm kind of at a loss what to do.
  11. TAM2020

    importing scoring systems

    Mike, Is it possible to import the scoring system I inputed into Compiler last year into the Compiler I just bought? That would save time and hassle having to reinput everything. Thanks P.S. Oh, and as a further testimonial to how awesome this product is, las year I was the only guy in my league to use Compiler/DB and I finished 2nd. Can't rave enough about it.
  12. TAM2020

    Synching DB with Compiler?

    How do I update the projections in DB with the updated projections I download each week for Compiler? the new Compiler shows Carson Palmer at 18th while my DB shows him at 15, for example. My understanding was that it updated automatically.
  13. TAM2020

    Suggestions for next years Compiler

    Hey Mike, here are a couple of other ideas: 1. I already posted once about this but, creating some sort of auto mock draft capability into DB would be a hell of an upgrade. I know you said that it would take some level of AI but, hey, I have faith in you. 2. 14 Team ADP information!!!!!! You have 10 and 12 but not 14. It shouldn't be that hard to include that info since you could probably just get if from Antsports like you do with the 10 and 12. Thanks.
  14. Hopefully someone can help me here. I'm doing a mock draft and I can't find Roy Williams to "input" into Draft Buddy. How do I remedy this situation, i.e., how do I input a player who is not on the pop up list in DB? THanks.
  15. TAM2020


    It was williams the WR. For some reason he wasn't showing up on the rankings list but you were right he was there when I switched to alphabetical. Thanks Mike. Oh, is there any way to expand DB or Compiler to list a sufficient number of players to accomodate a 17 round, 14 team draft?
  16. TAM2020

    Mock Draft Capability?

    Does anyone know if you can do an automated mock draft using Draft Buddy? I know Fanball has something that allows you to do that but I really like Compiler and besides, I've already shelled out the dough for it so I'd really like to not have to pay any more. Oh, and if its not available, then perhaps Mike and the guys can try and develop something like that for the next version????