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  1. the spanker

    Kenny Stills

    Are you referring to Ty Johnson?
  2. the spanker

    Kenny Stills

    Surprised there isn't talk here about him. Fuller out multiple weeks with yet another hammy injury sets Stills up to be the #2WR getting the ball from an elite QB with an elite WR drawing away #1 corners every week. I have the #1 waiver claim. Most people are using it on Ty Johnson but I like Stills situation much better. Am I crazy? Anyone else out there agree?
  3. the spanker

    Sleeper defenses this year

    Bills will rock.
  4. the spanker

    YouTube Video Question

    Does anyone out there know how to stop YouTube recommended videos from showing up after you watch a video? I'm a Commish and I like putting all types of video content in our league to keep things interesting and keep everyone engaged during the season. But sometimes I watch player draft and season content I don't want anyone else to find out about. There use to be a box you could select within the share video feature that gave you the option to stop recommended videos from showing up after you watch a video. Can anyone out there help?
  5. the spanker

    Melvin Gordon threatens to holdout of camp

    I knew you were a reasonable kind-hearted soul who would agree to making the right call here.
  6. the spanker

    Melvin Gordon threatens to holdout of camp

    In full point ppr leagues, would Ekeler be the target you want?
  7. the spanker

    Best of the rag-tag WR bunch

    Ditto going with Zay.....undisputed #1 target working out of the slot who destroyed Jets last time they played.
  8. the spanker


    Of course they will play him if he's available....available meaning healthy. And week 15 is 2 and a half weeks from now. So doubtful he's healthy enough to play. They aren't going to roll him back out there unless he's 100 percent ready to go. I hope you cuffed him with Ekeler.
  9. the spanker


    Week 15 is a short week Thursday Night Game. I doubt he'll be ready to go by then. 16 is best shot and even then, he'll likely be rested until he's 100 percent for Chargers playoff run.
  10. the spanker

    Deep Sleeper RB

    So is Bibbs since you're suggesting. TY is your best bet tho....
  11. the spanker

    Deep Sleeper RB

    At the very least he will take over Buck Allen's role which is money in ppr.
  12. the spanker

    Deep Sleeper RB

    I'm not interested in his title, I'm interested in what he can do on the field particularity as a dynamic weapon (pass-catcher).
  13. the spanker

    Deep Sleeper RB

  14. the spanker

    Deep Sleeper RB

  15. the spanker

    Deep Sleeper RB

    How are we feeling about him now with the Flacco injury news?