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  1. the spanker

    Tee Higgins Week to Week - Hamstring

    Chase said he's playing so I think those are his numbers now.
  2. the spanker

    Lamar Jackson blows chunks.

    An anomaly with Gus Edwards scoring multiple TDs. Lamar will be just fine. I mean he scored 43 pts just last week.
  3. the spanker

    Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Injured

    Oh my, the hate is real with you.....
  4. the spanker

    Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Injured

    No need. Kelce did the honors for her and showcased it for everyone to see.
  5. the spanker

    Kupp Hurt Again

    Man you were spot on.
  6. the spanker

    Arizona is tanking this year for sure

    Since when do people, never mind NFL teams make rationale decisions? If Kyler is healthy enough to play I'm on the side of the equation he won't be on the couch eating cheetos. But we shall see what the news around week 4 tells us.
  7. the spanker

    Arizona is tanking this year for sure

    Well if they can at least keep their QB healthy they should be in pass garbage points catch-up mode all game right?
  8. the spanker

    Where is Doug Orth's PPR rankings?

    Thanks Doug! Your ppr Big Board commentary compelled me to pick this guy up late in my draft. Could he pay off for the entire season? (fantasypros) Samaje Perine, who the Broncos signed in the offseason, has a real chance to be the lead-back for a large part of the 2023 season. Analysis: Perine has shown an elite ability as a pass-catcher out of the backfield in Cincinnati, as he finished in the top 15 of yards per route run among all RBs in 2022. Now in Denver, with the uncertainty surrounding Javonte Williams' health, Perine may be the go-to back for a big chunk of the season. With Sean Payton in town, Russell Wilson may check it down more, especially given the lack of depth at WR on the roster. This gives Perine an elite upside to begin the season. Perine is currently going as the RB39 in half-PPR leagues and is a prime candidate to outperform that ADP early. Perine is an excellent buy-low, sell-high candidate to add to your team in the later rounds, especially to offset the risk of drafting someone like Alvin Kamara.
  9. the spanker

    Kupp Hurt Again

    Ouch. Hamstrings are tricky especially for older receivers. Look what happened to Kennan Allen last year.
  10. the spanker

    Ekeler vs Bijan

    Take away carries? Good...which means he is utilized even more in the passing game which is awesome news in ppr leagues.
  11. the spanker

    Javonte Williams 2023

    I completely agree with you and that's why skipped him completely and drafted Perine (who will be the lead gl back) last pick of 9th round instead. I mean how much work will he realistically even get to start the season?
  12. the spanker

    J K Dobbins

    I whole heartily agree.
  13. the spanker

    Where is Doug Orth's PPR rankings?

    Thank you so much Doug!!! I hope you'll be willing to answer any questions from all of us forum posters after we've read through your Big Board Top 200 for PPR leagues. I truly love your logic and rationale that goes into putting your rankings together. I traditionally use them when draft day arrives!
  14. Please forgive me if this isn't the appropriate forum to ask. I seldom post in here. I hesitate to do it because the 12th slot gets the first pick in waiver priority pickups. Would you make the trade?
  15. the spanker

    Where is Doug Orth's PPR rankings?

    I've read a few experts opinions stating it's essential to draft a QB early this year especially acquiring an elite rushing mobile QB. It's like having a RB2 (1pt per 10 yds rushing) rolled into an premier passer (1pt per 20 yds passing) which leverages a significant edge on a week to week basis.