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    Copy League Settings

    I am having trouble copying in from last years league settings. I have them both in the same directory and i've renamed the 2017 file to draft_buddy_football_2017_1.0.xlsm. I get a visual basic run-time error "1004" Sorry we couldnt find C:\Cheatsheet Compiler\2018\draft_buddy_football_2017_1.0.xlsm. Is it possible it was moved, renamed or deleted? And yes I have the Old buddy name as draft_buddy_football_2017_1.0.xlsm and the old buddy year as 2017. Please help.
  2. mcarlton

    Copy League Settings

    Nevermind I figured it out. I had renamed my old sheet as: draft_buddy_football_2017_1.0.xlsm.xlsm Working now. Thanks.
  3. mcarlton

    Copy League Settings

    I tried without success. Btw its O365, Win10
  4. I am starting to think about who i want to keep this year in my 12 team .5 PPR 6 Pts TD bonus for long TD - 2 Keeper league. I am keeping David Johnson for my fifth round pick but for my second keeper which do you like better and why: ODB as my 1st round pick Deandre as my 3rd round Jordy as my 12th round I am slated to pick 9th in a serpentine draft. I am leaning toward Jordy for the immense value but ODB/NUK could get the nod because of age and ability to keep them longer term beyond next year. Jordy at 32 will likely have less years left. One twist is if I keep someone past a 2nd season I have to keep them as a 1st rounder. I kept ODB last year as a 5th but now he costs me a 1st. Ill answer yours thanks!
  5. mcarlton

    Matt Jones or Ameer Abdullah to keep?

    I think Abdullah has a bigger upside but I think the safer pick is Jones. Abdullah has lots of competition for carries. Answer mine? http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=455701
  6. I am trying to strengthen my WR corps by selling Demarco Murray. .5 PPR. I am 7-2 and want to improve my WR. My WRs are Cooks, Beckham, Harvin, K Allen, Hopkins and Gordon (wk12) I am thinking on moving Murray, Randle (Murray handcuff) and Beckham and getting Lacy, starks and Benjamin. Is this enough for Demarco? i'll answer yours....
  7. mcarlton

    Gordon for Ingram

    I guess for me it depends on if you are solid on getting into the playoffs or need some help yet to get there. If you are 4-4 ish or less I would do this deal, you cant wait on Gordon. Mine http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=440065
  8. mcarlton

    RB1 Trade help...will answer yours

    I think I'd sit pat. I like Forte alot more than Forsett. You didnt mention WR slots or flex but Marshall Sanu and Djax have been pretty solid. Marshall less so but I think he rebounds. Not sure what Sanchez will bring longer term to Maclin... Mine http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=440065
  9. 12 team .5 PPR 1 Keeper. I am 12th pick over all (I won last year) I can keep either Charles as my 1st round or Montee Ball as my 5th round. I see lots of predictions of Ball going late round 1. Do I go for the sure thing of Charles as my 1st round pick or take a risk on Ball and a 5th round. Is 5th round benefit worth the risk? I'll answer yours...
  10. Well at minimum you are spreading your risk among more players. I doubt Charles beats his output last year but I dont see him in a down year either. I guess it comes down to how much i believe in Ball. I'm leaning towards Ball...
  11. GREEN - I think this comes down to for you is do you think you can get someone better than Charles by throwing him back in. I dont think you can. My dillema would be is Marshall/AJ + Ball better for me than Charles + 5th round pick.
  12. mcarlton

    Keeper Dilema

    Shady. No question.
  13. I decided to look at this the way another poster went in on it for his issue do I want to build a team around: 1. Charles, AJ Green and something like VJAX/Toby 2. Ball, AJ Green and Marshall I like #2 better. Obviously nobody is a sure bet. Even Charles missed most of a season a few years ago.
  14. mcarlton

    Keeper- non PPR.Harvin 11th rd or Gronk 4th?

    With keepers I doubt he gets Gronk in the 4th again but depends on your outlook on him. 16 game season Gronk Id take him over any other TE. Harvin is a Crapshoot too. But I think there is more value there. Id take Harvin in the 11th.
  15. mcarlton

    Alshon Jeffrey

    I think he is ranked a bit too high right now. Cutler goes down (which he does more than I like as a Chicago Homer) and do we get a quality replacement? Not to sure on that yet,. Marshall also has alot of passive agressive comments with him. He is so great.. better than me but I need the ball more. Next thing you know the ball rotates to him more. Marshall is still a bit of a headcase though. I like him just not as much as everyone else. I see him as a WR2
  16. mcarlton

    How comfortable are you with Toby G as a RB2?

    I'd take him as a RB2 only if I am doing some WR/WR strat like the guy before said because of a later slot in the draft.
  17. mcarlton

    Reports Gordon's been arrested again

    This guy is done. I doubt he plays another down in the NFL. Then again I said that about Vick...
  18. I think I am leaning towards Ball and grabbing the best 2 WRs unless somehow Murray drops to me or something simular. Marshal/AJ/Julio sound pretty good on the turn.
  19. OP Here. Thanks for all your responses. Updates and questions answers. Charles Looks to go to guy with E Lacy. However this guy has won the league a few times and no pushover. Did a look at potential of what would be left at 1.12 and 2.01 Likely keepers: McCoy, Forte, AP, Megatron, Lacy, Demarco Murray, L Bell and for those left I have effectively the 7th/8th pick as people have used some of there #1 picks on the above.\ Likely to go Round 1 before I pick: Charles, J Graham, Ball, Geo Bernard, Foster, Dem Thomas as a guess. Left for me at 1.12/2.01 P Manning Z Stacy J Jones B Marshall Maybe D Martin AJ Green Maybe ALF So if i keep Ball I could pair him with 2 of those. or If i keep charles I could get 1 of those. I am not too excited on the RBs at that point but Stacy, ALF, Martin isnt bad as a #2. Likely could pick up a B Sankey or Gerhart on the return. All that being said.. Maybe a WR WR or AJ/Julio might be good as well with Ball. Pickup a Sankey or Gerhart
  20. mcarlton

    Keep J Charles or A Foster

    I am in a 1 keeper 12 team PPR. I can keep Foster as the 11th pick over all or Charles as the 14th overall. Am I wrong about liking Charles here? Straight up i like Foster a touch more but Tate costs me a middle round pick as well.
  21. mcarlton

    Options for 2 QB league

    I have a league that i have a 12 man 2QB starter league. How have people been setting up FF Buddy to handle adding importance to the QB position? Last Starter drafted option seems to overly up the QB i was thinking maybe upping the Baseline adjust factor up.. but how much? Anyone have thoughts on this?
  22. mcarlton

    Keep J Charles or A Foster

    Now that Foster is acting a little gimpy in camp i think Charles is my option.
  23. mcarlton

    Options for 2 QB league

    Thanks for the follow up Mike. I think that my league devalued the QB some as the yardage was 50/pt for qb and 10/pt for RB/WR
  24. mcarlton

    Options for 2 QB league

    Mike, Its a 2QB, 2RB, 3WR 1 TE 1 flex (RB/WR/TE) 16 rounds. Max QB is 3. Redraft league. 6pts TD for all. Passing 50yd/pt all run/rcv is 10/pt No IDP. 16 rounds. I am in the 7/12 serpentine. Last year i used the FFbuddy but really didnt know how to set it up and decided that i would grab a qb in the first 2 rounds then another in rounds 3/4. As it worked out i took Stafford in first round and on the turn Cam was there and grabbed him. Had those 2 performed the whole season im pretty sure i would have been top 3at least. As it was I made a huge comeback at the end.
  25. mcarlton

    Can only keep 3.

    I like Charles Marshall and Dez too. QBs are much easier this year.