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  1. 1 PPR League. Have some tough choices here and could use all the help I can get. Rivers or Ryan? (leaning Ryan) Need 2 out of Samuels, Evans & Keenan Allen (leaning Samuels & Evans.....assuming Conner being out) NE or CLE D (leaning NE) Miami is on waiver wire also Leave me your link and I'll gladly help in return. Good luck to everyone this week!
  2. dumbassmax2001

    Championship DST!?!

    I picked up NE a couple of weeks ago specifically for their week 16 match-up vs Buffalo, but I also just snagged CLE off waivers in an attempt to block my opponent from picking them up. Now, I can't decide which one I should play. I live in CLE and will be going to the game, so there's that biased incentive I guess
  3. dumbassmax2001

    Need help picking 2 starters

    1 PPR. Need to choose two between David Johnson, Mike Evans, Justin Jackson and Jaylen Samuels. Help!!
  4. dumbassmax2001

    David Johnson or Austin Ekeler?

    1 PPR league. I need to decide in my flex between David Johnson or Austin Ekeler. I could also use Edelman, but I think using one of the RB's is a better option.......just can't decide which one though. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. 1 PPR league. Start Golladay or Edelman? Also Aaron Jones or James White? Could also play both WRs. Currently have Jones and Golladay in the lineup. Must win game for me. Your help is appreciated.
  6. dumbassmax2001

    Cowboys at Eagles: In-Game Discussion

    Does any Philly RB break out of the RBBC pack tonight? Is Adams a legit flyer?
  7. dumbassmax2001

    ROS - OBJ or Davante Adams?

    1 PPR league. Which one would you rather have rest of season? Im leaning Adams but would like other opinions.
  8. 1 point PPR - Need to decide between starting Taylor Gabriel or Royce Freeman in my flex. What say you?
  9. dumbassmax2001

    David Johnson, Coleman or Ridley?

    1 point PPR. Who should I use at flex? David Johnson, Tevin Coleman or Calvin Ridley? Thanks!
  10. 10 Team full PPR league.....I was sent an offer of McCaffrey/Crabtree for my Dalvin Cook, Ingram & Baldwin. Ingram and Baldwin are both bench depth currently. I do feel I'm giving a little bit much, but wanted to get opinions.
  11. I was offered Zeke for David Johnson and Calvin Ridley. I only need to start 2 WR's and currently have Hopkins and Evans plus have Baldwin and Golladay on the bench, so Ridley may not see my lineup. Is Zeke that much of an upgrade over DJ? Am I giving up too much? It's not as if Zeke is in a great situation, but it's not Arizona either. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  12. dumbassmax2001

    Coleman or Beast Mode for G Tate

    Yep good deal for you if you can get that done. Me personally, I like Coleman a little more than Beastmode, for what it's worth
  13. dumbassmax2001

    Trade Help!

    Hunt improves your team. I know he's off to a slow start, but he'll come around. Much better than Beast Mode. Yes, make that trade.
  14. dumbassmax2001

    Kelce or Tevin Coleman in my flex?

    Sorry, no TE requirement
  15. dumbassmax2001

    Kelce or Tevin Coleman in my flex?

    1 point PPR, should I start Kelce or Tevin Coleman in my flex?