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  1. dumbassmax2001

    Who is starting Conner this week?

    My choices are limited. Duke, AD, Shady or Conner. As of now I’m still rolling with Conner but not feeling comfy about it
  2. dumbassmax2001

    Conner or ?

    Full PPR Leage. With word that Conner may split touches, I need to decide whether to still roll with him. My other semi-worthy WW choices are Adrian Peterson, Duke Johnson, Shady McCoy and Jamaal Williams. My gut right now says Duke but I’m the underdog in this match-up, so I’m willing to gamble on some upside. Who would you guys start?
  3. dumbassmax2001

    When does espn update player designations?

    He’s been moved to Out now
  4. dumbassmax2001

    Shady McCoy or Jamal Williams?

    I’m thin at RB this week because of byes and injuries. Should I start Shady or Jamal Williams? Full 1 PPR league.
  5. dumbassmax2001

    Dare I start Josh Allen over Brady?

    Allen vs the Phins or Brady at NYJ on MNF? Not sure I have the stones to start Allen. Is the reward really worth the risk?
  6. dumbassmax2001

    Tevin Coleman or Ekeler ROS?

    Who has more value the ROS between Coleman and Ekeler? Full PPR league.
  7. dumbassmax2001

    TY Hilton or Gallman?

    Would you play TY Hilton over Gallman? If I commit to Hilton and he doesn’t play, my only fall back is Coleman who may be a game time decision as well.
  8. dumbassmax2001

    Shady, Demarcus Robinson or Gallman?

    Full PPR looking for my flex out of: Shady McCoy, Demarcus Robinson or Gallman
  9. dumbassmax2001

    Gore or Conner? Hilton or Agholor?

    Who would you start? Conner at SF or Gore vs Cinn Hilton vs Atl or Agholor vs Det
  10. I was offered Dalvin Cook and AJ Green for my Chris Carson and TY Hilton. Hilton is not one of my starters currently so is this a good trade? I do like Cook slightly better than Carson.
  11. dumbassmax2001

    Hypothetical Draft Question - Melvin Gordon

    More than likely, high end could be K. Johnson, Freeman, Fournette and low end Montgomery, Jacobs, White. Based on this, what do you think? And thanks again!
  12. I'm in a 10 team keeper league, but no 1st or 2nd round draft picks from the previous year can be kept, so the normal talent will come off the board in round 1-2. I am keeping James Conner but I lose my 4th round pick. I plan on going WR-WR with my first two picks (10 & 11). If Melvin Gordon falls to the end of third, would you draft him at that spot or would you go with best possible RB on the board? It would mean that I would need to draft Ekeler in the 5th or 6th (if available). Thanks for your input!
  13. 1 PPR League. Have some tough choices here and could use all the help I can get. Rivers or Ryan? (leaning Ryan) Need 2 out of Samuels, Evans & Keenan Allen (leaning Samuels & Evans.....assuming Conner being out) NE or CLE D (leaning NE) Miami is on waiver wire also Leave me your link and I'll gladly help in return. Good luck to everyone this week!
  14. dumbassmax2001

    Championship DST!?!

    I picked up NE a couple of weeks ago specifically for their week 16 match-up vs Buffalo, but I also just snagged CLE off waivers in an attempt to block my opponent from picking them up. Now, I can't decide which one I should play. I live in CLE and will be going to the game, so there's that biased incentive I guess
  15. dumbassmax2001

    Need help picking 2 starters

    1 PPR. Need to choose two between David Johnson, Mike Evans, Justin Jackson and Jaylen Samuels. Help!!