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  1. dumbassmax2001

    Which player do I NOT keep?

    Sorry, I forgot I can keep Kenneth Walker for $8. Is he a better option that Cook or White?
  2. dumbassmax2001

    Which player do I NOT keep?

    I have four keeper spots and can choose from the following five players: Budget is $200 G. Wilson - $10 C. Watson - $6 Akers- $11 Rashaad White - $6 James Cook - $7
  3. Full PPR my choices at flex are Jakobi Meyers, Slayton, DJ Moore or MVS. Just need 1. Appreciate any help!!
  4. dumbassmax2001

    DJ Moore or CEH?

    DJ Moore in a crappy weather Thursday night game or CEH in a three headed timeshare? Full PPR format. Leaning DJM. What say you?
  5. dumbassmax2001

    Swift, Jamaal Williams or Mostert?

    Dare a gamble on either Swift or Jamaal Williams or should I play Mostert? Need 1 in a full PPR league. Thanks for your input!!
  6. Full PPR league and need a win to get back into the hunt. Need 1 flex option between Fournette, DJ Moore, Jakobi Meyers or Christian Kirk. Appreciate any help I can get!!
  7. dumbassmax2001

    Miles Sanders or DJ Moore?

    Need to decide between Miles Sanders vs a really bad Houston run D or a hot DJ Moore. Full PPR leage. What you all think?
  8. dumbassmax2001

    Doubs, Herbert or Mostert at Flex

    1 pt PPR league. Need to choose between Doubs, Khalil Herbert or Mostert. Herbert was a no brainer until I heard Montgomery was playing. What do y’all think?
  9. I have Gaskin and Michael Pittman on my bench but I could start one or both over Zeke and/or Barkley. I’m contemplating sitting both Zeke and Barkley this week. I’m looking for a high floor play out of these two positions. It’s a full 1 PPR league. What do you all think?
  10. dumbassmax2001

    Barkley or Swift ROS?

    1 PPR league, would you rather have Barkley or Swift the rest of the season? Thanks!
  11. dumbassmax2001

    Drop Gaskin for Golladay?

    Gaskin typically sits my bench but Golladay is on waivers. Who has the most upside going forward?
  12. dumbassmax2001

    What do you need Wk 6 MNF?

    Need 7 points from AJ Brown in a 1PPR league. I was confident until this latest illness news, which downgraded him to questionable. I do have Beasley on my bench, but he hasn't done squat the past two games. Confidence is dwindling for sure!
  13. dumbassmax2001

    3rd AND 5th Overall Pick

    Because of a trade I made last year, I have the 3rd and 5th pick in the first round in a 10 team 2QB PPR league. Would you draft Mahomes with one of those picks or take two stud backs out of Kamara, Henry and Zeke? I'm leaning toward the latter and then grabbing the best two QB's left with my 4th and 5th round picks, but I'm back and forth with this. Thoughts?
  14. I started Mike Davis over Robert Woods last week and it got me into the playoffs. Would you start him over any of the following for first round of the playoffs: It's a 1 PPR league. Thielen has the toughest match-up by far, but he scored two TD's in their last match-up. Robert Woods vs NYJ Adam Thielen vs Chicago AJ Brown vs Detroit
  15. dumbassmax2001

    AJ Brown or Gurley?

    1 PPR league should I start AJ Brown at Baltimore or Gurley at NO? Leaning AJ Brown at the moment.