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  1. rhman

    Who to Drop?

    Tough without seeing the rest of your roster.... but I would probably drop I Bruce. STL is in shambles right now and Frerotte will be at QB this week.
  2. rhman

    Who's starting for Huston at RB?

    Not sure how much help this is, but this is from Rotowire today... Update: Green reports that the swelling in his knee has gone down, but coach Gary Kubiak has indicated that he'd be surprised if the running back can play against the Falcons on Sunday, the Houston Chronicle reports. "It'll just be a bonus," Kubiak said of the possibility of Green playing. Recommendation: For his part Green said, "I'll know when I wake up in the morning that day...but everything is getting better because I'm not pounding on it, and I'm getting treatment. The swelling has gone down." This looks like a game-time decision at best, but for now it looks like the team is leaning toward turning to Ron Dayne on Sunday.
  3. rhman


    I really like that trade for you... I expect Henry and FWP to both have good seasons, but with PIT seemingly the better overall team that is better for you with FWP. And Roy Williams > Evans + MJD
  4. rhman

    QB Help

    Of course it depends on what you have to give up, but I would keep Big Ben and try and get Bulger on the cheap. I expect him to turn it around eventually this season.
  5. rhman

    Who to start at Flex - Edge, Welker, Dayne

    I would go with Edge as first choice... starting RB at home Welker is a close second.
  6. rhman

    RB Controversy - Who to sit

    Play Jordan and Maroney.... Tell me what you think about my question...
  7. rhman

    WR help

    I like Welker out of these choices... Tell me what you think about my question...
  8. rhman

    Who should I start? Pennington or Bulger?

    I am in a similar boat with Trent Green as my backup to Bulger. I am going with Green, and sitting Bulger. He has broken ribs AND an offensive line that is messed up. Go with Pennington... Tell me what you think about my question...
  9. rhman

    If you would be so kind...

    Agree on the first... Benson and Jordan On the second, if Dayne is starting (and this isn't clear yet) I would go with him Tell me what you think about my question...
  10. I think that is good as well... you sold high with Jordan which is probably the best thing here. Just hope that SJax comes back like we all expect... Nice WR corps you have there!
  11. rhman

    Dayne or Leonard

    Wait as long as you can to make sure Green isn't playing, and if that is the case go with Dayne... From Rotoworld yesterday: Ron Dayne was removed from the Texans' injury report after practicing without restrictions Thursday. Impact: Dayne had a rib injury that kept him out of Week 3, but is highly likely to start against Atlanta Sunday. We'd put our money on him scoring a TD or two. Tell me what you think about my question...
  12. rhman

    Romo Trade Help

    Sounds like he doesn't like his RBs as much as you do...
  13. Stuck on which D/ST to start this week. I have CHI and MIN. We get pts for special teams TDs as well. Here is what I am thinking... MIN D home against GB: You know GB is going to pass, because they can't run. But MIN's passing D is their weak spot. However, maybe Favre will remember that he likes to throw INTs and this D has already gotten a few INT return TDs. I am thinking this would be a lower scoring game. CHI D at DET: If these guys weren't so banged up I would be going with them every week (except last). Kitna will throw INTs, but I could see Detroit putting up 20+ pts. I just don't know what to expect out of CHI D because of the injuries. Of course, Hester is feeling just fine. I am leaning towards playing MIN with the x factor being that they are at home. Thoughts? Thanks and leave a link to yours.
  14. rhman

    Edge vs Pitt or Maroney @ CIN on MNF?

    I second that...
  15. rhman

    L Jordan, Henry & T Jones

    I would definitely go Jordan, and then probably Henry. Denver wants to keep the ball as long as possible, which means running it a lot. At least I hope so!