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  1. hackblack

    Draft Buddy 2015 Version 1.2 - Projections Updated: 9/8

    Heath is back on the list. Not that I plan on picking him. haha. Great work, as always!
  2. hackblack

    Draft Buddy 2015 Version 1.2 - Projections Updated: 9/8

    I have 1.2. But, If I need to send you a copy of it, I can do that on Monday.
  3. hackblack

    Draft Buddy 2015 Version 1.2 - Projections Updated: 9/8

    Heath Miller is NOT showing up in the Overall or the Offense. But, he is in TE tab.
  4. hackblack

    Who is your WR5 (or the last WR on your roster)?

    We combine WR/TE in our 12 team PPR. My last selection was Martellus Bennett.
  5. I'm looking at my latest draft buddy overall rankings in preparations for a draft on Monday, The overall rankings have the SEA DST ranked 52nd overall. This is a 16 team draft. Does anyone ever draft a DST and/or K as early as Draft Buddy tells you to? I don't think I've ever picked a DST until the last 3 rounds. And, K has always been next to last or last round. Maybe the fact that it is 16 teams really throws VALUE out of whack.
  6. hackblack

    julio jones keeper league

    Owner on our league dropped him.think I'm going to add him.my other possible keepers are Rodgers, Forte, Cruz, J Nelson or MJD, . We keep 3 in a PPR
  7. hackblack

    julio jones keeper league

    What do you do with Jones on a Keeper league?
  8. hackblack

    Missing added players

    I have the 8/29 update. Mike Gillislee, RB, MIA is in the RB tab. But, he does not show up in the RB dropdown option in the Draft Report tab when 'Select Players' is set for RANKING. The last RB that appears is Evan Royster, RB, WAS. So, including FA's, over 100 RB's are not in the dropdown. When 'Select Players' is changed to ALPHABETICAL.All of the available RB's, including FA's and 'zzz Add Player zzz' appear in the dropdown. I checked WR and it does the same thing. It looks like RANKING only displays the Top 100, based on league scoring, for each position. Regards,
  9. hackblack

    Keepers Not Resetting

    Resolved. In the above post, I changed "Reset Keepers" from 'NO' to 'YES', and then compiled. But, I still had "Reset Draft Order and Picks' set to 'NO'. So, I just changed it to 'YES' and 'compiled cheatsheets' again. Now, everything is reset and appearing correct.
  10. hackblack

    Keepers Not Resetting

    I copied one league into a new file and saved under a different name. Then, I changed the Rules & Scoring to reflect this 2nd league (non-keeper). After that, I Compiled Cheatsheets. The Keeper tab disappeared. But, my other tabs (Offense, Overall, etc) show the Keepers from my 1st league as unavailable. Great stuff overall. I use/buy this every year. Regards,
  11. hackblack

    Bit confused on O Flex with WR and TE

    When combining WR and TE's, the TE's are not showing up in the Overall Rankings sheet. They are in the Offense Rankings sheet.
  12. There's only 29 K's on the list. Did he get runover by a Boston train?
  13. Getting below error when clicking on Week 10 Projections Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Host 'pork.fftoday.com' is blocked because of many connection errors. Unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-hosts' in /home/fftoday/public_html/common_db.php on line 28 0: Connection failed to the host
  14. hackblack

    DST and ADP

    In a recent 20 round snake draft where I had 1st pick, I ended up being the first one to take a DST (PIT), in the 11th round, partly because there were 23 more selections before I chose again. And, I already had 2 QB's, 4 RB's 3 WR's and 1 TE. (Starters are 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1Flex, 1TE, 1K, 1DST) I gave significantly less weight to K and chose best available in the 19th round. This K also happened to be in Tier 1 of my preranked list. So, it worked out....so far. Most experienced FFer's understand to take DST and especially K's late in the draft. But, how do you weigh that logic with the fact that the FF Compiler might have PIT and/or BAL DST's ranked in the Top 100, utilizing VBDing?
  15. hackblack

    DST: TEN vs MIA and K: Elam vs Janikowski

    Thanks. I'll probably keep TEN active always. And, then keep ELAM active always. Add/Drops in our league are $5. So, I don't want to spend too much for these positions. I agree with dropping Janikowski for a positional player. That will be done as soon as it advantageous. Thanks again.